What troubles have you met about drone flight control?

Have you been troubled by many scattered modules and messy wiring in the aircraft cabin?

Have you noticed that inside the conventional assembled drone, the wiring is very complicated,easily wrong connection and difficult troubleshooting? And the scattered modules often encounter incompatibility, cause some functions are unavailable and lower the performance of the whole drone.

As a senior participant in the UAV assembly industry—EFT Company, just launched Z-series integrated module flight control which can effectively solves the above problems.

Below is the video of product assess for your reference.



Summary of the features :
Integrated modular design, RTK, flight control and receiver can be plug and play, free debugging.
Easy to operate and better waterproof
Neat layout and simplified maintenance
Customized firmware and protocol for smoothly interconnected of whole drone, greatly upgrade intelligent effect .

If you have new requirements or ideas for assembling agricultural drones, welcome to contact us.


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