Seed-bomb drones could be the key to combating deforestation

Jacob Meister, Real Time Digital Reporter, Design Group

The purpose of drones and their opportunity for growth appears to be unconstrained.

“Seed-bombing” drones could soon be used to save billions of trees worldwide. The upstart United Kingdom-based BioCarbon Engineering hopes to dramatically slow industrial deforestation by replenishing forest floors with seeds.

Drones may soon be used as a tool in evaluating insurance claims caused by disasters after the FAA approved a request from USAA to take drones for a test drive in an effort to expatiate the claims process.

Electronic commerce colossal Amazon also got a nod from the FAA, with the company’s request to try out delivery drone flights.

Drones could soon help keep the peace in Lucknow, India after the city’s police force purchased the machines with goal of dispersing pepper spray.

Full article here Purpose of drones

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  • "...keep the peace [by] (...) dispersing pepper spray." ? You gotta be kidding me.
    Ah, got you, you mean "peace" - as in "go back to sleep, stupid" or "you've got the right to do as we tell you".
    Sounds convincing.
  • Ending Nixon's stupid war on drugs would reopen the door to industrial hemp farming which would go a long way toward saving billions of trees worldwide, too. But, I digress. :(

This reply was deleted.