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White House report on DIY Drones

3689429571?profile=originalI'm not sure if I've posted on this before, but last September the White House Office of Science and Technology policy commissioned a great report on DIY Drones and the rest of the amateur/civilian UAV movement. It's full of terrific ideas for non-military uses for UAVs, and is complementary about this community and its potential to revolutionize the future of aerospace.


It makes several recommendations, including that DARPA use this model for its own UAVs (which it has done with UAVForge)


It rightly sees the educational potential of DIY Drones, too:



The full report is here


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  • The problem from where I sit is not innovation but the lack of allowing the UAV community to operate in a specified airspace for amateur and commercial use. The community has been waiting for more than 5 years on this but I fear that unlike other countries we will yet again "over regulate" this and stifle the industry... just my observation.

  • finally some good press after last months events, and very complimentary of the whole privet UAV, UAS, community
    however, in answer to your question Andrew it sounds like you know already that this administration does not want to admit anything can be done with out "IT" being involved. they suffer from a bad case of not invented by US syndrome, even though the government in general watch us not so much for reasons like that nut last month, but to see the ideas we come up with, and if some of these might work for there own projects. that was the idea behind UAVforge after all. they recognise the value of our communitys even if they can't admit it was done without them.and they do make  the rules that govern the airspace we fly in and the RF channels we use, so they must be involved in some fashion. but we still will be the ones that develop the ideas. they only come in after the fact. or that's how i see it anyway.

  • Very good, accurate article... Its about time we get a good showing...


  • Complementary to, or complimentary? :)

    Andrew, government is still required to agree on the rules for whatever the communities build. Safe general aviation isn't possible without some common practices.

  • Why doesn't the government just use DIYDrones as an example of what people can acheive without any help from the government at all!  (I was going to put this in more colourful language, but...)

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    Well the NRPM has been pushed back another month to February now and will probably change again. The ASTM is working with military vendors on creating the specs, this is the community based standard that the FAA sought. Looks like you are going to get mil spec as the baseline over there if this is allowed to continue......


    It seems that there is a complete lack of connected thinking in the USA, lots of people pro rapid shed based innovation and lots wanting to slow the pace and keep things happening in expensive offices and hangers.

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