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  • 1:35am here... so I will check back here tomorrow.
    Thanks for the convo and the encouragement!!! I truly appreciate it and have learned more in this conversation than I have in the prior two days of browsing the site.
    See you all on the flip.
    Be well
  • I hear ya Earl... you know, it's possible that there may truly be some cross over potential in commercial space flight and the DIYers etc. Much of the spirit I see in the CSF industry is based upon putting space within reach of the common man (and yea I know there's that we wanna make huge $$$ element there too) But some of the champions of the program are not that heavily involved with the cash aspect and are very good spokes persons for just this sort of thing...
    BTW... to my knowledge Andreas Bergweiler isn't involved with Virgin Galactic outside of having a ticket with them for some future date. And just so you know, with a few of these companies he too has trepidations in regards to safety. He is singularly driven though. He was trained and in line a trip to space via the German space program until events on the world stage and his occupation at the time intervened.
    Also, Patrick, it may be possible to set up an interview with him for your class as well. He eats that sort of thing up!
  • Being about a 100 miles from the New Mexico Spaceport (soon to be operational), I am eying this over. If an English company can fly over my house, then I should be able to fly over or near the Spaceport.
  • Very nice! Glad i could be of help...

    What's nuts, before I realized you guys were doing all this (and honestly I don't know how i missed it so long)
    I had serious dreams of doing just this. There is also an application or two I can think of for forestry and analytical labs for movement through the tops of trees using a robust version of LTA type... but I have not gone past anything than just thinking of the applications other than 'Neutrally buoyant" and "capable of interacting with the trees themselves as a function of its mobility. But I am so new to this... the good news is I have a couple of sons who are probably much better at taking in 'new information' than I am... or have been in about 15 years. So... that's the bonus.
    I didn't realize you were a teacher ... you know, they don't pay you guys enough!
  • I'm going to show the other one you found to my class tomorrow.
  • They are all the rage! LTA is on it's way back in (14 CFR Part 101). Some off the folks in the PBS video are regulars here at DIY Drones.
  • Hey no worries...
    I am in Cleveland, TN... about 17 miles east of Chattanooga and south on I-75 of Knoxville about 30-35 miles.
    I noticed there are already a few Aerial Photog companies operating in the Knoxville area but I haven't found one in Chattanooga vicinity yet. The city of Cleveland is heavy in the photo industry... I have been in my past a photographer for a couple of the companies that do school photography as well as March of Dimes type fundraising pictures etc... I've done photo work and sales and traveled the southeast and midwest extensively doing this. So, when I happened on that video the other day on, a bell went off.
    This is something (the aerial photography, I nearly have to do now! lol That may sound a bit over-the-top... but it is true.
    I have an idea modeled on the photo industry here but regarding Aerial Drones that i think will work... now I just have to figure out exactly what I can do and where and just make it happen. At present my thoughts are centered around a tethered, non-powered balloon of some sort... or at least until I can figure out how not to run afoul of some sky-marshal someplace.
  • Steve,
    Thanks very much for the encouragement. I’m trying things from the Vendor side of the UAS world for a taste of how the other half lives. Where are you from?
  • Aye... i sorta figured you were ahead of that particular curve.
    No worries on the quotes mate... it's late here as well.
    I suppose it takes big money to move anything at all 'swiftly' through congress... and I think i understand a little better now exactly what you mean by 'working long hours' ... that, and everyday life, would be enough to daunt anybody. At least it is moving though... that's victory in my book. ;)
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  • I forgot some quote marks etc, but I'm tired from working long hours. Sorry, P
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