I would like to present 2 new functionality implemented in the PitLab FPV System to increase safety and performance of long range FPV flight.We call it wind assistant and thermal assistant.

The Wind Assistant is used to measure wind speed and direction at current altitude, usually different then speed on the ground. It not require and additional hardware, only needs to make a full circle in the air on constant throttle and constant altitude stick position. Internal algorithms calculate drift of the plane and display numeric value on the OSD screen. Wind speed and directions can be displayed on radar screen area or in the air/ground speed control. It will not display until first valid measurement will be performed.

Information about wind speed and direction can be crucial to plan and perform long range flight.

Thermal assistantThe Thermal Assistant is used to visualize position of the detected ascending and descending thermal currents. Having that points are on radar screen, it is easier to circle in the ascending currents to get the higher altitude and finally increase the distance of the flight. Position of points is all the time recalculated using data from wind assistant to follow real thermal moved by wind. If new thermal currents will be detected, the old one is cleared.

Thermal assistant can be used by any kind of plane, not only by gliders.

This functionality require Autopilot module, because variometer sensor is mounted on autopilot board.

For more details about assistants please read document: Wind Assistant and Thermal Assistant in PitLab & Zbig FPV System. The functionality is on last phase of tests and will be released soon with firmware 2.40.

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