Wiring up uBlox! (Only for PRO's)

Hello again! I'm not so good making intros, so imagine you just read a long and well redacted introduction of why uBlox (the best GPS ever) is so difficult to find and interface with (Specially the SparkFun version). So let's go to the point. ;-)If you are beginner please don't try to make this.Fallow this pictures in order to make the wiring (hurry!):

And this is an example of how to connect it to ArduShield, but you must configure the unit first! So continue reading for instructions.

You will need to configure uBlox module using U-center, only have to do it once, the settings will remain in the EEPROM forever. Download U-center from here and install it: sure you supply the unit with 3.3V and interface it using the FTDI cable. When you are able to see real time data with U-center, you are ready to proceed. Click here for a u-Center user guide.Now UBX has 8 Message Class, we only use "Class 0x01" called "NAV":

Each class has "Messages ID's", we only need 3 ID's of "Class 0x01", the ones marked with blue:

If you need more information about uBlox protocols please download this uBlox_Protocol_Specification.pdf.Everything else must be disabled. Now that you know what we are trying to do, lets go with a more detailed instructions:Go to Message View by pressing F9 (menu View->messages view):

(I'm using Paparazzi instructions but modified).1. Right Click on the NMEA Text on top of the tree and choose disable child messages2. Choose UBX->CFG->NAV5(Navigation 5) - set it to use Airborne 8 <4G. This tells the Kalman filter to expect significant changes in direction.Note that this setting is only good for faster moving airplanes. For a fixed position hovering heli, 'pedestrian' setting is better3. UBX->CFG->PRT - set USART1 to 57600bps4. Change the baudrate of U-Center to 57600bps if the connection is lost at this point5. UBX->CFG->RATE(Rates) - change the Measurement Period to 250ms This gives a 4 Hz position update since 4 x 250ms is one second.6. UBX->CFG->SBAS : Disable (SBAS appears to cause occasional severe altitude calcuation errors)7. UBX->NAV (not UBX->CFG->NAV): double click on POSLLH, STATUS, VELNED. They should change from grey to black.8. UBX->CFG->CFG : save current config, click "send" in the lower left corner to permanently save these settings to the receiver.You are done!! Now plug the GPS to your ArduPilot and fly like a PRO ;-)[UPDATE:]Another great way to do it:



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  • Hi

    I bought  APM 2.6 kit

    And I want to connect Hornet OSD w/out gps, Can extract RX from GPS so It can read data from there? I don't know the pinouts of Ublox gps..

    I see some mods from DJ Naza GPS...Like this one..

    Thanks.. I'm new to this mod...

  • Hi all,

    I am currently using ublox-6 gps and trying to configure the gps to fit arduimu v3
    I have viewed the new tutorial
    but the configuration file doesnt fit to my hardware version, and I decide to configure it step by step.

    May I know if the steps taken to configure the ublox-5 applicable on ublox-6?

    Please help, I have been stuck here for long...

  • Hi....

    I have one ublox and i want to change braud rate ...I have done

    1.Right Click on the NMEA Text on top of the tree and choose disable child messages and change some parameter.... but.....unfortunly....if I restart/ power off my gps back to the original parameter..... pls help me....


    sory for my english.... pls...

  • I recived my U-Blox 6M today...

    Does it work with AMP2?? Anyone know the Pinout of the GPS-Prot on the APM2???


  • Hello,


    I am working on a quadrotor and using Ublox Neo-6m. You have suggesteded 'pedestrian mode' for a hovering heli, but I observe that in airborne mode (<1g) I have better results. Still I need some more tests to verify my observations. Also I am wondering the performance of the 'portable mode'.

    Has anyone tried these mode configurations on their multicopters?


    Thank you,



  • I thought for uBlox, the baudrate is 38400?
  • Jordi,Chris - could you please describe how you use to configure GS407 for UAV Dev Board? This is SF version.
    Thank you
  • This is slightly off topic put sense it is about the GPS module it should apply. Is there a way someone who purchases this module could put a longer antenna on it and have it be on of those ones that fold at the base and rotate 360 degrees?
  • Hi ! just get my uBlox from CoolComponents (UK) the last one and the adaptor from sparkfun, everything is ok at u-center, but, everytime I disconnect the module from pc all configuration is lost, how much time do I need to leave it plugged to charge the micro battery ?
  • Developer
    You are welcome!
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