WizeArtz RiotQuad prototype ready for testing


After spending hundreds of hours building and testing the WizeArtz Hero, foldable quadcopter, I decided to take some time out and sink some R&D into something lean, mean, and a lot simpler.

The RiotQuad is born.

Motor to motor 380mm, and boasting an immensely strong main sandwich of 1.5mm plates clamping onto 6mm G10 arms and spacers, this 275gram (naked) aircraft can take up to 10" props.

Built around the excellent CC3D, and the roadmap to also include the APM and the Revo flight controllers, initial flight tests show it to have stable flight characteristics, and be very agile and fast!

Frame kit is about to be handed over to another local pilot for parallel testing and a build log, before hopefully releasing it for sale in the Oceania region.

Test flight video will come, once I've shoe-horned the GoPro on :)

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  • Thanks Gary, yeah the RiotQuad is inspired by the Flip, Tim makes some amazing stuff, and the HT-FPV is still my favourite frame of all time. I've been sticking with the low-profile concept since, then wind doesn't cause problems, and is in fact fun to fly in. G10 IMO is the best material, cheap, pretty straight forward to mill, rebounds after impact (unlike ally), and no RF issues like CF.

    Direct combat you say? That sounds like great fun!!!

    The chap doing the build log on the RiotQuad has a flip sport, so I'll be interested in any comparisons he can make. Thanks for your kind comments.


  • Looks very nice, similar to Flip Sport which also uses Machined G10 arms:

    Here is the one I am building:


    It is also a 380 and a bit heavier than yours.

    But the people who make it actually fly them in direct combat for fun.

    DJI Motors and HobbyWing 4 in 1 - 25 amp ESC with Gemfan carbon filled props.

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