Working on endurance options


I've been working on getting a better range and endurance. This QAV-540 weighs 5.5 lb's and I just flew it for 18 minutes today. Previously 16 minutes was my record, the change is that I went up one inch in prop size. This is not stripped down for endurance, I want something that will fly a long time and do some work, like carrying a Gopro. This one was carrying a Gopro and a gimble.

Trying different battery types will probably be next as well as even larger props. I am using a FRsky Taranis and am using the X9R receiver, but will be changing over the the Rmilac LRS system. I have been using Open Pilot so far but will probably switch to the Pixhawk. I haven't set up the FPV yet, but will be going to a 1.3GHZ very soon.
Anyway, I'm pretty stoked about the 18 minute flight, but looking for better!


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  • Hello Stu,

    I have multistar 4225 610kv motors

    CAn you please give me the link of the simonk firmware you reflashed on your afro30a ESC to get your 4225 motors running sweet ?



  • @ cody
    Got motor's running sweet at last with afro30a
    Refladhed em with a new turnigy Simon k firmware
    Tried Multistar 20a to slow throttle response but it flew
    Tried turnigy plush 18a to slow
    Tried rctimer 30a opto Simon k out of sync easy
    Hope this helps
  • Thanks for your comments Carl..  Yes the battery's I'm using were chosen mostly because the fit the space and were sufficient for early tests.  The C rating on then are higher than necessary, thus they weigh more. They don't even get warm nor do the motors or controllers. I don't have a amp reading on there yet as I haven't install my OSD and FPV gear yet.  lighter batteries of sufficient capacity are definitely possible. 

  • EngineerX. .I have seen the negative stuff about the Rmilec LRS, but I will test and see for myself. Some products improve after they first come into use. I have been testing and I like what I see at this point.

  • @Richard your machine looks "robust!" since you are using "off the shelf" components some things you could try are smaller but more battery packs  and when one depleats you can jettison and use the next another thing you could do is try flying at night or when it is really cold. the air is more dense and you would have more lift Good Luck!

  • RMILEC LRS? - are you sure? I read several reviews about it and most said they didn't like it, but I stopped trying to find out more about that LRS system and concentrated on the other usual suspects. 

  • @cody
    when my esc flash tool comes I'll let you know how they perform
    Or if I need to fit Multistar ones I've got comming
  • Wow, those t-motors are a thing of beauty.  You could probably achieve similar results by hand-winding your own motors; no need to spend $300 on a motor.


    Yes, those are the exact motors I have on my hex which have been giving me problems:

  • Anyone tried the t-motor U series "efficiency" range yet? Look to be a good solution, and able crank 18+" props. At a price, it should be noted.

  • No Multistar motor's 16 pole 4225
    But esc hobby king afro 30but will not sync
    So ordered programmer so maybe new firmware will cure sync
    But I've got 4 20a Multistar escs comming as well to be shure
    So will see once delivered in couple of days
    Failing that I know now that turnigy 18a plushes
    Will do the job
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