World's best FPV pilot

Someone strapped a GoPro to an eagle. It's inspiring to think that as technology improves, we'll be able to get closer to this type of flight.

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  • haha, can this bird fly backward and perform 3D. I dont think so!!!!

  • How do they get the GoPro back, just turn off the radio!

    Oh... Ahhh....

  • And of course it is fake!!

  • Where can I get one?

  • CC3D + juz, fly much better, here is video proof:

  • Developer

    Looks like it's PID settings are a bit off center.. or maybe it's that fatty mouse that eagle was eating just before flight. Anyways.. it's time for recalibration... And yeah really nice vid :)

  • I don't care what type of camera it was, just some really cool footage. I wonder if the FAA will say the Eagle cant fly commercially!

  •  I was clicking up the channels and came across it  on TV . At first I thought it was  Trappy skimming the trees and such..Would have been cool if it grabbed a fish out of the lake  or a bird out of the air .looks like it crashed into a tree at the end .

  • And, the less complex nervous system statement still applies.

  • See, that is where I thought you were going. Haha 

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