This is the maiden flight of the latest X-UAV model : "Clouds". It is a V-Tail fixed wing platform, similar to their previous model "Talon".
It runs Arduplane 3.7 on a Pixhawk1 (I try to get a Pixhawk2 for months without any success...Frustrating).
I was supposed to have a flight buddy who would throw the plane while I would hold the Taranis, in order to first maiden it in FBWA. As he cancelled on the last minute and I really wanted to fly the thing, I decided to burn a few steps and try directly this fixed wing alone by programming an auto take-off (hand launched : that means that the following parameters have been set:
•TKOFF_THR_MINACC was set pretty low to 5
•TKOFF_THR_DELAY was set to zero because it is a front propelled fixed wing. Don't do this with a pusher airplane or you might shred your hands !
•TKOFF_THR_MINSPD was set to zero

I have a digital airspeed sensor installed but it was obviously not yet calibrated since this was the first flight. However the EKF managed to fly it through its auto mission correctly on the first try.

I still find amazing how Ardupilot works great, even after dozens of builds I've done with it. Tridge and Randy are just two geniuses (and all other dev I don't know).

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  • Developer

    I always love seeing full -auto flights. How about some auto-landing? Have you tried that yet?

  • @Hugues, what do you expect what could be the maximal headwind and crosswind speed to fly in with your Clouds?

  • Amazing maiden in Auto! Bravo. That is testament to your set-up and the quality of the firmware!

  • MR60

    @JB, yes !

  • Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Quadplane it! ;-) 

  • MR60

    Thx Tridge. It has a huge payload bay where i can practically fit my fore arm. In its middle section, it fits a Sony Nex5 camera in landscape mode!  see my description 

  • Developer

    looks like a really nice plane!

    How is the room inside for installing electronics?

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