X550 Glass Fiber Quadcopter frame 550mm



The new Hobbyking X550 frame is a high quality folding-arm quadcopter frame that offers great looks and performance.  Built from light weight yet rigid glass fiber and aluminum, the X550 offers a great combination of weight savings and strength.



This quad features folding arms which make it easy to transport and store. The arms are also two different colors for orientation, silver and red, so its easy to keep your quad flying in the right direction.



All necessary hardware is included, just add your own electronics.



Width: 550mm
Motor Bolt Holes: 19mm width

More information here: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=24151


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    @CrashingDutchman, is this your own review, or have you just copied it from the HobbyKing page?  If it's the latter, could you note this in the posting?

  • what are the dimensions of the arm tubes (lenght x ID x OD) ?

  • Unless they are using hand tools to do the machine work on the arms, I don't understand why the motor holes are always parallel in the center of the arms. Moving the holes to an angle allows the motor mount screws to be closer to the tube side and almost eliminates distortion of the tube due to tightening the screws. This is a cinch if they are fabricating these with CNC gear.

    The only plus side to this method is ease of altering the mounting holes in the event of a different motor/diameter..

    Then again, I spent way more than $20 in time making my quad. I made a jig for marking my canted mounting holes and used my mini mill for fabrication. That too cost me more than $20. ;)

  • Don't cheap out and buy this frame on ebay! I bought a x525 and and x450. The x525 is similar to this except springs on the arms, but not a single arm had properly drilled holes which means that what you'd expect would be easy assembly turns into trying to fix there mistake and having unnecessary holes in your frame. The x450 has fiberglass tubes, one had cracked from falling dropping to fast already. I am replacing it with metal, but I recommend square arms as you know it will be perfectly square and being able to fit firing inside very well, though tubes are more aerodynamic.

  • Hey, that's a pretty nice frame for $20

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