3689486913?profile=originalJust found this website:


Same Autopilot and accessories but with a Skywalker platform is +$5K (!).

I found it insteresting, since the Aeromapper UAV (fully made in carbon fiber, ready to fly, with APM, geotagging camera, accessories, same payload than X8, ...etc) is at +$4K, almost half the price of their X8 foam version.


Not criticizing, just would interesting what community thinks.




[Moderators Comments: This so called "seeing what the community thinks" thread "comparing" the blog originators product with a competitors does not constitute being informative, and seems like a question for the discussion forums. The purpose of a blog post should be contributing to the community information not to obtain opinions. It also boarders on defamation which is against the terms of service.]

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  • Please, lets not turn this into a fight.  Mauricio, note that Duran did not start comparing to your system, he merely responded to somebody else's comparison.

    Daniel, I agree with your statements completely!  That's a very good point about the Wedding Planner. Or photographer even.  These guys charge $800-3000 around here, and it typically involves maybe 12-16 hours on scene, plus anything they do in post processing which... I'm not sure how much of that is actually done.

    Meanwhile, it would take a hobbyist 100's of hours to turn that $2-3000 worth of COTS into a complete ready to fly system.  But then $2-3000 markup is a ripoff?  Eh...

    In the debate about foam vs. CF...  I dunno.  I'm no big fan of foam.  But on the other hand, that CF glider looks pretty fragile.  I kinda like knowing that if I crack up the airframe, I can get a new for $200 vs. ??? for that glider?

  • Just so you know Mauricio, I have reported this behavior to the site owners and Chris. This is not the way to operate a community forum and I find your blocking of posts without your approval to be a negative and impactful decision to our community focus here on DIYDRONES!
  • Mauricio,

    I do not mean to but in here but you posted a competitors rig and pricing, then you block comments from instant posting until you approve them. Then the manufacturer responds and challenges your assumptions, you fight back quite aggressively because lets face it you are in competition with said manufacturer. Now as a potential customer to you or the manufacturer in question I must say this is shady! Secondly, why post a competitors setup? why not post yours instead ? Doesn't make sense to me. And I did not appreciate having to wait for my post to get APPROVAL from you. This is an open community, not a communist regime!
  • @Duran Dev:

    Some of your assumptions about the Aeromapper UAV are wrong. Please read our website carefully  otherwise don't post false comments.

    For customer outside US and Canada, the only thing they have to do is load the code to the APM. We provide the RC preset , AND: we sit with them by phone, email or skype session to go step  by step to load the code, add the PIDs and some other  minor settings. Total time of the setup: 30 mins to 1 hr.

    For a foam X8 it seems kind of pricey (no offense) considering  it retails at $165 dollars at hobbyking, here: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__27132__Skywalker_X_8_FPV...

    Dragon link  is basically plug and play, and is around $300 dollars.... carrying case, about the same cost.

    Aeromapper includes batteries, charger AND geotagging camera, and camera lens cover door..... and its modular, something I won`t explain here. While foam plane customers will find they need to reinstall all the electronics on another frame after some use. Foam will never last as carbon fiber.

    Well, it's funny, we'll be posting this weekend the videos of the Aeromapper with the parachute recovery system in action, which will be available for about $5K (including an Spektrum DX8). Comparing to your setup, customers can still have $2K left to buy dragon link, case and laptop, wireless video system and goggles  and probably have some money left. AND will be equipped with a full carbon platform way superior to foam.

    You say carbon fiber is pricey? It seems foam is more pricey at your company... :-)

  • Price's fluctuate around the globe but this seems quite high to me for such a basic setup even with a laptop and RC radio with UHF. But customers who do not know better will think they are getting a great bargain as always. ;-)

  • Interesting. What about support? I do like that AeroMapper a lot more based on the details on the sites between them. 

  • I think that is actually pretty cheap if this is a fuly-functioning, turn-key solution complete with a long range ground station.

    Sure, the hardware cost is maybe only $2-3000, but until you've done it, you are maybe underestimating the amount of work required to ACTUALLY get all of this working together.

  • T3

    -Complete ground control station, laptop + pelican carry case, i think that only, is enough to make the price difference

  • Hey again, just wanted to mention as well, the same applies to our multi-rotor units, they SOUNDS and LOOK more expensive than other comparable units if you quickly browse, but OFFER so much more and the features we have make it very well worth looking into. The biggest thing for us is delivering a top quality fully featred unit that has been professionaly assembled, configured, tested to a min amount of 10 full flights before they ship out, not just 'RTF' but then you still need to get all the extras, setup your code, struggle with this and that..


  • Honestly, I think its priced low.  When you consider the risk, time, technology, and commitment it takes to sell someone a UAS.  Yeah sure its expensive, and something a hobbyist can produce in a 6 month span. Most people think its all available and its just COTS.  

    To be honest, I believe most techies and engineering types sell themselves short.  Wedding planners charge thousands of dollars for three or four days worth of work.  Not 6 months of every free weekend and evening tinkering and tuning to the nth degree.  And admit, it consumes any free moment you have, what can I do next?!?

    You have to look at it from a business/capability perspective and not a Hobbyist perspective.  I can build my own full size 4 seater airplane in my garage in 5 years for $90,000 (RV-10).  That doesn't mean a new Cessna 172 for $300,000 is overpriced.  Honestly the heartbreak and disappointment alone is worth an easy $300,000 and that doesn't guarantee it'll ever fly.  And sure there are those out there they enjoy the mental and physical punishment and accomplishment of DIY.

    Bottomline:  If small UAS are going to take off and progress, regardless of how cheap they are to build, in order for the industry to grow, the capability and ability to deliver on time everytime is whats going to make someone pay 8k for 1.2k worth of COTS parts.   Whats the value of: Finding a lost hiker with an 8k UAS?  Protecting the environment for illegal industrial dumping?  Providing immediate situational awareness during times of crisis?

    I believe its priceless.  And the skills and talent needed to produce a product that meets those needs are easily justified by taking a bunch of COTS products and putting them together, providing engineering support and calling it a business.  People never question if a value meal from a fast food joint is worth the 7 dollars you pay for it.  It doesn't cost anywhere near $7 dollars, but because you have a need and it fulfills it you are perfectly happy paying.

    Sorry, you got a little more than my 2cents.

    Cheers, and interesting.

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