XBee Pro 50mW RPSMA - Series 2 (ZigBee Mesh) - Sparkfun part: sku: WRL-10419, can not be used for Two-Way telemetry.

If you are looking for two way telemetry using a pair of this module “XBee XBP24BZ7”, then better do not buy it at all, I purchased one pair and suggesting, based on my findings.

For transparent serial communication between the airplane and the ground station, you need to configure one of the mudule as XBEE COORDINATOR AT" and the other one as “XBEE ROUTER AT”.

The the X-Bee configured as “COORDINATOR AT” will be at the ground station and the other one which is configured as “ROUTER AT” will be in the airplane.
My findings are;

1. The speed of data flow from Rouert AT X-Bee to Coordinator AT X-Bee is very fast and have no issue.

2. The speed of data flow from the Coordinator AT X-Bee to Router AT X-Bee is very very slow and not acceptable.

When I tried to use with APM, It was very very difficult to read and write waypoints from the ground station.
First I suspected if there could be any hardware issue in one of the X-Bee but it was clear when the problem got shifted when I swapped the configuration of the two X-Bees “XBee XBP24BZ7”

I tried on different bauds and even newer and older firmwares of this X-Bee “XBee XBP24BZ7” but same problem.

However there is no such issue in “XBee Pro 60mW Wire Antenna – Series 1 (802.15.4)” sparkfun.com/products/8742

Digi needs to take care of this issue promptly if they really want to keep this product selling.

Recorded video, describing this problem:


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  • Paul, Thanks for sending ur xb's profile. I did same, set the address of coordinator in router and router's address in coordinator. absolutely no change but none of the zb's are responding, as I said above, they seems to be bricked.

    This is what is your xb's profiles, mine setting was same except the serial number :)


  • Rana,

    Here is a screenshot of my profile




    Like Brian says, from your videos it looks like you are only setting destination address on one unit, try setting it on both router and co-ord (with your original firmware).


  • Sorry, I didn't intend for you to change the firmware, just set the destination addresses as in the example.  Unfortunately, my computer had a disk hiccup, and I can't run or uninstall/install X-CTU at the moment or I would post a screenshot of the configuration window.

  • Brian, both the xb's do not respond to the "Read Configuration" when programmed with ZNET firmware. Followed the instruction as per the link.

    Perhaps both the xb's are bricked. I have plenty of xb pairs and really not expecting any solution from any concoction but expecting solution from Digi's standard firmware which is meant for this particular xb.

  • Brian, I am now in office, will try in the evening while at home.

  • Please take a look at this link.  Pay attention to the "Destination Address" section.  You need to set the destination address on both Xbees to point to the other Xbee.  Not just the PAN ID.

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  • Paul, can you read the configuration of both of your xb's and send me at narpat007@yahoo.com

  • Rana,

    I did watch the entire video, and the only configuration that you perform is changing the baud rate.  As I said in my previous post, you need to set the PAN IDs to the same value (I'm not sure if 0 is valid), and set the destination address on each Xbee to the address of the other Xbee.

    Also, the Series 1 and Series 2 Xbees are very different. Per the note on Sparkfun:

    Note: If you are looking for a simple point-to-point configuration, you might want to try the Series 1 instead. The Series 2 requires considerable setup and configuration. We highly recommendBuilding Wireless Sensor Networks as a guide for setting up mesh networks.

    It sounds like you might have tried setting the destination addresses, but it would help if you posted screen shots of the configuration settings for the pair of Xbees.

  • Rana,

    That a shame, I use XBP Series 2 but an earlier version than you and use ZNET 2.5 fine with APM.

    One last try - with the original ZIGBEE firmware ('Always Update Firmware' box ticked, baud rates same on both devices) can you try setting the Destination Address (DH and DL) on both the Co-ord and Router and see if that improves things.


  • Paul, Tried ZNET 2.5 Firmware with 'Always Update Firmware' box ticked. Configuration is not getting read.

    It seems  XBP24BZ7 is not happy with ZNET 2 5 Firmware 

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