XUAV Clouds build part1 : Wings

"XUAV Clouds" is the latest FPV/Survey platform from XUAV. I suppose XUAV wants to capitalize on the legendary success of their V-tail Talon model and at the same time compete in the twin motor category against the popular "MFD MyTwinDream" fpv plane.

Its wing span is 1880 mm (vs 1700 on the Talon without wing extensions, or 2000mm with extensions), it has a huge payload capacity in the fuselage (in some ways better thought than in the Talon) and keeps a V-tail setup.

Much improvements are made in detachable V-tails, detachable wings with plastic joiners which the Talon model did not have. Also an integrated PET shield for belly landings, external wing ESC compartments (nice to keep heat out of the payload bay).

This video is a first part of the build with a focus on wings preparation.

You might be also interested in an overview of this plane here:

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  • Hello, it's my first post on DIYdrones.

    I plan to biuld an UAV Plane for photogrammetric purpose. As I like compute, calculate and plan before build, I try to compile the mains characteristics of the planes frames.

    One major char which is not provide by manufacturers and resseler is the empty weight, I try to find polars but I think I dream !

    So, could you, please, provide me the empty weight of the WUAV Clouds ?

    And, if some of you have the empty weight of :

    - XUAV Talon Max

    - XUAV Beatles

    - XUAV One

    An other question, waht do you think about the MFM new foam used by XUAV ? Do you think it's durable, robust and good for my goal ?

    Have a godd sunday !


  • MR60

    @Cala, good idea. I will convert this one into a VTOL then.

    @Janos, thx. Yes It is a practice to cover first the servo in heatshrink before gluing. The idea is that for maintenance you can later cut the heatshrink to remove the servo. But it is so easy to remove hot glue with alcohol that the heatshrink becomes unecessary (only for hot glue)

  • Nice, thank's.

    You didn't build VTOL yet? :) 

  • MR60

    you're welcome Cala.

    Yes hot glue works very well on EPO for servo (but you must degrease them well)

  • Thank's Hugues for so detailed explanation and take time to write the text, very usefull for non english speakers like me :) ;

    hot glue for servos? always learning new things :O 

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