Yet another Frsky Android project (IOIO inside ;) )



here is the last project I'm working on. I'm trying to build myself my own RC transmitter with my android phone (geeksphone zero) as configurator.

I first try to get a working ppm out of my custom IOIO board, but it was not working very well :

So I decided to add another chip (pic18f46j50) to my IOIO to generate a nice PPM signal.

After that I used nearly the same board to catch Accelerometer, gyroscope, barometric pressure and temperature (ms5607) and GPS and to send it in the Frsky receiver, and plugged the frsky transmitter to the IOIO board.


So I'm able to retrieve the data sent according to the frsky protocol and data from my custom hub and display it on a custom android app :

.2012.03.16-14.49.15_m.jpgNow I'm planing on remaking a complete pcb including the IOIO chip and my ppm chip, potentiometer, switchs, ...

and a prototype of my new radio...

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  • Hello,

    I saw this last year, very nice but limited due to the use of the audio port of the android or iphone to drive the ppm out.

    They may be a way to make a modem like telemetry protocol plugged on mic but it will still be limited.

    IOIO has a really good point here, you can many thinks on it and even make it run by himself when for exemple somebody call you ;)

    I don't want the phone to do all the job, I just want it as configurator.

    And this is also why I'm not using an iphone, I don't want to pay for developping on a closed system.

  • hello,

    yes I am, user : fertito

  • @roman i assume ur on ioio dev list, didnt see this one the list :) this is a cool project :)

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