You may have seen my 310 haxa build a few months ago but I decided to see how big I could go so here we go

its 580mm has 4 400kv  22pole motors  14x9 propellers can hold up to a 16000mah battery has afro 30 esc's on a 4 cell 2200mah battery it flies for 15 min according to the calculator with a 16000mah battery it should get 40min flight times have not tried it yet still waiting for the 16000mah battery 3689633657?profile=original3689633747?profile=original3689633591?profile=original


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  • No but I can sell you a frame for 45$

  • Can you post links to the printable files? I´d love to make one for myself :)

  • If you use better propellers and ballence them you can cut that vibration down I used cheap plastic props and didn't ballence them send me a private message and I'll sell you one our site is. Not up yet
  • Thank you very much ;)

    Too high vibration for the type of flight that I need =S

    Do you use any anti vibration mount on your mini hexa?

    If I want to buy your mini hexa frame where I can buy it?

    Do you have a company website?

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    Here is the vibration from the 580mm

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  • I can post a log its right around 2 to 3 on the vibration the frame sells for 45$ with the hardware ie screws I can also make it as a quad or an octo the arms are the same the center hub is different we are currently working on our website but you can order one from me directly just send a pm
  • Hi Todd, can you post a vibration log of your mini Esa Copter? The one that you have in your profile image.

    I'm very interested in your Esa Copter Mini frame. So I would like to understand better the question about the vibration.

    Another question: do you sell the frame of the mini esa copter? If yes: how much?

  • No but I can sell you a frame for 45$

  • if this are 3D printed parts, any chance to share the files of the quad?

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