Lets have a look closer to the YS series multicopter system from Zero UAV.


W:63mm L:93,5mm H:19mm (Pretty large for a FC)

Back of the PCB

Front PCB

IMU / pressure sensor L: 50mm W: 42mm H:23,5mm

Plastic case is spraypainted with cobberpaint inside. IMU PCB is mounted on a massive iron plate on a soft foam. See video.


Wifi module L: 42mm H: 62mm W: 15mm for comunication with Groundstation


 Inside Wifi module


GPS - Compas module Ø 50mm

Backside GPS module



1 Auto (Takeoff/ Go Home/Landing)
2 Handfeel Control (Phone Attitude Control *NEW function*)
3 Target Lock & Fly encircle
4 Click/Touch & Fly To Point
5 Realtime Flight status (Google Earth Map)
6 Follow Me (Auto-tracking)
7 Auto-Navigation (Waypoints)
8 Flyfree (Joystick Control)
9 Fail/Safe (auto hover--go home--landing)
10 Realtime Power Display Information
11 Low Voltage Alert (By Phone Vibration)
12 RTH Switch from Transmitter directly
13 Built-in Gimbal Stabilization
14 Flight Control Mode(GPS Atittude Mode/ Atittude Mode/ Manual Mode)
15 Support Quad/Hexa/Octo (type I/type V/type Y & A customize motor mixer)
16 Support receiver {S-BUS/Normal Mode/Self-adaptive(PPM *COMING soon*)}
17 Built-in Damper in IMU
18 Accurate Position & Altitude Hold (Hover Precision is within±1.5m horizital and ±0.5m Vertical)
19 Support Steadycam structure, need to add the second customized IMU (*NEW function*, need to customize)
20 Support Bluetooth module(*NEW function*)


At the moment I havn't had the time to test it my self, but I think it will have a big future and it should be in the same catergori as DJI system.


The New Steadi470 From ZeroUAV looks pretty nice.


The YS series autopilot system is available here


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Comment by Duran - ALTI on September 22, 2012 at 7:30am

Have been testing the Ys-X6 for a while now and I must say it's amazing, accuracy is simply outstanding, gps hold best I've ever seen, stability is solid and smooth, and al round I think probably the best fc out there currently.

From my experience -

Near perfect gps accuracy, everytime = reliablity
Amazing alt hold, again most of the time it just sits there, as if it's landed in the air
Enclosed electronics makes it more weather proof and hardy for everyday use
One finger operation when airborne, almost boarding to fly now (great for noobs and AP)
Price (yeah's it's much more than APM, but for pros, less than DJI or MK and standard version good enough for most people with 4 waypoint, RTL, gps hold, alt hold and brilliant 'stabilize' mode with hardly any drift)


Documentation - it's a #$@^ to setup the first time, but once you've got it, not bad
Big - the 'moduler' design makes it fairly big, even on big copters, you need a lot of room for all the units
Price (yes I have it as pros as well, but for the cash strapped amateur, it is still pricey)
Boaring! - For pro work, gps and AP stuff it's just brilliant, but for fun it's a little too good, it really flies it self :)

All in all I think it's a VERY VERY good fc and still young in the market, I think it will do well.

Having said that I do still prefer APM, even on our top big models for my type of flying style/work, I love the feel of Arducopter's stability, it's 'loose' as in it will let me push it as fast as I want, no limits, but it's still rock solid when I take my hands of the sticks, GPS and auto features not as good as other fcs like the ZeroUAV, but again, they use better electronics and pricey, but for everyday use and all round, I still prefer APM :)


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