ZOON - 2.4Ghz LoRa Telemetry Module by DRONEE


ZOON is 2.4Ghz LoRa  based long range telemetry module. ZOONv3 can send data up to 21km at 0.5kbps and 6km at 125kbps.
ZOON adds mavlink rssi packets to mavlink enabled data beside LED signal indicators.
Furthermore, "Mavlink NEVER LOST" also dynamically changes data speed and sends only necessary packets such as position,orientation,rtcm(rtk gps),etc. when the drone/robot is far away.

As ZOON uses LoRa chirp spread spectrumIt has strong immunity to reflection from obstacles and other wireless signals around.

Connection to ZOON can be with microUSB, JST - SM04B-GHS-TB, or ST - SM06B-GHS-TB.
It is also full-duplex. (Note also that it has half-duplex physical connection as similar to WiFi).

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  • Nikola Rabchevsky when you have clear line-of-sight

    juan pablo gayoso it comes with microUSB(easy connect to PC) and x2 JST UART(4/5pins) connector, if you have ever tried 3DR telemetry module, you will need to do the same here, connect ZOON with JST UART to pixhawk. 

    Applied Aeronautics feel free to try it, man!

    Nikola Rabchevsky's Page
    Nikola Rabchevsky's Page on DIY Drones
  • These could be pretty neat to try. 

  • How do you setup with Pixhawk?....i didn't find reference in your site....thank

  • Are we talking 21km in free air or does that work when you don't have clear line-of-sight?

  • Nando te Riele you are right prices are for single unit

    Nando te Riele's Page
    Nando te Riele's Page on DIY Drones
  • Hi Maksim, i Don't think it starts at 49€, it starts at 98€ doesn't it? You need 2 of these and the prices are for a single unit.

  • @Maksim_P thank you for your answer. I was not familiar with this interesting technology! :)

  • Greg Dronsky  advantage of LoRa chirp spread spectrum is it has very low receive sensitivity down to -132dB, but when the data rate is too low( down to 0.5Kbps).

    It is fair enough to send only position,orientation,rtcm(RTK) at 1Hz. Best of both world, MAVLINK NEVER LOST does this automatically by switching to low rate and filtering and sending only critical packets.

    Greg Dronsky's Page
    Greg Dronsky's Page on DIY Drones
  • 100mWatt @ 2.4 and 21km range? The antennas look normal, how is this possible? Does it switch to 433 when rssi is low?

  • Cheers Maksim! Did not know that

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