ZOON - 2.4Ghz LoRa Telemetry Module by DRONEE


ZOON is 2.4Ghz LoRa  based long range telemetry module. ZOONv3 can send data up to 21km at 0.5kbps and 6km at 125kbps.
ZOON adds mavlink rssi packets to mavlink enabled data beside LED signal indicators.
Furthermore, "Mavlink NEVER LOST" also dynamically changes data speed and sends only necessary packets such as position,orientation,rtcm(rtk gps),etc. when the drone/robot is far away.

As ZOON uses LoRa chirp spread spectrumIt has strong immunity to reflection from obstacles and other wireless signals around.

Connection to ZOON can be with microUSB, JST - SM04B-GHS-TB, or ST - SM06B-GHS-TB.
It is also full-duplex. (Note also that it has half-duplex physical connection as similar to WiFi).

Learn more dronee.aero/zoon

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  • Pascal Fust max power for ZOONv3 is 20dB(100mWatt)

    Damian the restriction is only for subGHz LoRa bands but not for 2.4Ghz one

    Pascal Fust's Page
    Pascal Fust's Page on DIY Drones
  • You are not allowed to use these speeds in EU or US. Depending on the frequency your duty cycle can be only 10% or even just 1%. The Lora is not supposed to be used for any real-time telemetry:


    LoRa point-to-point limitations
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  • ...and at which power consumption? 

  •  Hey @NandoteRiele265

    it starts from 49€ more in the link dronee.aero/zoon  

    Nando te Riele's Page
    Nando te Riele's Page on DIY Drones
  • When will this be available? 

    And at what price?

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