Has anyone managed to get the Millswood Engineering GCS (http://www.millswoodeng.com.au/fd_gcs.html) to work with Arupilot telemetry stream?

I'm in a team to be competing in this year's Australian outback UAV challenge and we'll be using one of their failsafe devices (hopefully with Ardupilot mega when it comes out), their GCS designed to work with their failsafe device looks really nice and does a lot of what we want but it's designed to work with the attopilot telemetry format.


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Hi Andrew ,
If GCS code is shared/available then probably some one here will make it work with ardupilot but it is upto Millswoodeng to share or not to share.... , anyway I am also very much interested in their FS device but haven't figured out a way to use it effectively in my setup so far
A UDB version is being generated, which will use the Ardupilot telemetry protocol, so theoretically it should work with an Ardupilot.
Timing "soonish", definitely well before the Australian UAV Outback Challenge.
And yes, absolutely, we will share.

Andrew , that is good work. thanks
Its a top tool and comes with a complete recommendation from me myself and I, will be a great addition to UDB and Ardu before anybody says I am, I don't make any money from Andrew.

He has just created a great product.

I might take a couple if beers from him mind, next time I'm in Oz
A RoboRealm-based Ardupilot-compatible GCS has been liberated here:

Ardupilot / UDB GCS

There's also a short user guide. As I do not actually own an Ardupilot or a UDB (shame on me), there may well be bugs. Happy to fix; please just let me know.

Awesome! I'm on the road right now and can't test it on hardware but will give it a shot on over the weekend and will post on it properly then.
I wonder if others have had any problem using this?

I am using Ardupilot 2.6 and a Dell Win 7 laptop.

Here are my problems when on the ground:
1. The heading indicator (artifical horizon) does not respond even to my hand in fornt of the thermopiles.
2. I don't seem to be getting any data sent to Google Earth - there are $GPGGA sentences being generated and I setup the software serial ports and have set GE to realtime GPS.
3. The vario indicator is certainly doing something but the airpseed indicator is not - is that because I need the asi selected in the AP software?

Is it possible to save the incoming AP data stream to a file?

Hi Peter,

Have you had any luck getting the GCS to work?
If you are able to save the incoming data to a file it would be instructive to take a look at it.

Sorry for the very long delay.

Here is a file of some data that has come out of my AP.

regards Peter
Ah, I see. Thanks Peter.

Ardupilot telemetry has been significantly enhanced since I wrote the GCS. It doesn't look to difficult to include the new stuff; I'll get onto it once a few other jobs are squared away.


I have been struggling to get automatik's GCS to work as well due to telemetry changes in the code. He has recommended I try the latest version of the 2.6 code which maybe closer to the version you used as well. I am about to do so I will also try it on your GCS as well and let you know what happens.


With the latest 2.6 APilot code the Millswood GCS seems to work correctly - I haven't done a very detailed check but it did cure one of my major problems and the AI now works.

regards Peter


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