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PID Tuning

Since I didn't have a problem other than a little wobble when taking off in althold and loiter modes, I flew in a plan that I uploaded to mp in auto mode. It was a successful flight, but I think my pid values are still not very good. It wobbles a lot

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4 Replies · Reply by John Molnar Feb 28, 2023

Recommendations for a gimbal

I am having trouble identifying which gimbals to buy/use and some advive would be appreciated.  I actually need two.  I need one gimbal to carry a Go Pro Hero 9 and one to carry a DSLR camera. I am thinking of using Ardupilot with APM planner 2.0, bu

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1 Reply · Reply by OG Sep 17, 2021

Twin Goblin VTOL [Needs Help]

I'm stuck on this problem with a lot of questions why doesnt Qautotune work with my tailsitter? why does everything look so good but after transitioning back to Quad mode it goes super stupid.

Please check out my video and files.  Your comments are we

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