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I build custom UAS drones, FPV systems & custom Brushless gimbals for Arial photography and GIS! utilizing hydrogen fuel cell, 2 stroke gas hybrid power! I also build full sized electric air craft and sell components like motors carbon fiber tubes, props, plates, RC drone parts, BGC encoder motors. long range military grade video control systems. I operate worldwide http://offthegridwater.ca/

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I specialist in brushless motors, full size electric aircraft drones Pixhawk, alexmos, brushless gimbals systems & hybrid power systems hydrogen or 2 stroke generators. I support professional BGC drone integration development. http://offthegridwater.ca/ or http://offthegridsun.com



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OG posted a blog post
Go2 Quadruped Robot Personal accompany and life care robot / Introducing the Go2 sold by Brushlessgimbal.ca:The New Generation Unitree Go2 returning with glory leads the bionic robotics world.Introducing the New Go2 Intelligent Bionic Quadruped…
Aug 25, 2023
OG replied to Luke Morem's discussion In the Process of Designing a Personal Manned Drone (MAV), Need Advice
"Your being cheap yes it will work but 300amps is not enough 500amps is ok BL-heli firmwear ! better motors do not cheap out on your life .."
Aug 25, 2023
OG replied to Ian Rosaaen's discussion DJI supports Russia
"who cares ? your being manipulated by matters that do not concern you has no effect on your day to day life! your complaining because you can not express your opinion? well no one cares about your opinion especially on a fake war ! all you need to…"
Mar 23, 2023
OG posted a blog post
Do you know you can build a drone that can carry cargo or people from redbelly available parts on the market here are some of these products designed for experimental light air craft & UAV. Motors , Props, ESC, and a lot more! If you need some help…
Sep 21, 2022
OG posted a blog post
The best selling fuel cell for drone is also the lightest fuel
cell available per KW. 2000W hydrogen fuel cell and
controller:. This hydrogen fuel cell stack for UVA is featured with
950w/kg power density. lightweight, power-dense UAV fuel cell…
Jun 16, 2022
OG replied to Luc Autin's discussion [help need] I must have missed something
DX6i needs a compatible receiver that supports failsafe & you need to set it up properly example when you turn off your TX this should put your model in to failsafe ! think if you read the documentation you will find your Rx does need the…"
Sep 17, 2021
OG replied to Hal Seldon's discussion Recommendations for a gimbal
"you can find gopro copter gimbal here as well as DSLR gimbal compatible with Ardupilot
Sep 17, 2021
OG posted a blog post
Go1 Quadruped Robot Personal accompany and life style robot http://brushlessgimbal.ca/The difference between Go1 and A1:1. The Go1 edu version is the product that is benchmarked against A1.The cost performance of the Go1 edu version is better than…
Jun 14, 2021
OG replied to Watson Boone's discussion Looking for an experienced builder
"I can help you out please PM me with more details of your project.."
Mar 4, 2021
OG posted a discussion
looking for pix hawk programmer , drone expert in the Long Island New York area for short Gig ! you will be helping doing some custom programming involving pulling data from hall effect sensor and temp sensor from a BLDC large motor and educating…
Oct 9, 2020
OG replied to Paul Klusman's discussion Performance research 250g quad
"what is the point of hacking DJI ? why not select a flight controller  ESC & motors that will give you the best performance ? 
as per aerodynamics it does not matter that much at 250 scale ether if you flew lots of models you would know that!! lots…"
Jan 28, 2020
OG replied to Paul Klusman's discussion Performance research 250g quad
"interesting proposition that has been done already the issue is a more efferent air frame will only matter while the craft is in motion not while in hover! copters hover a lot depending on application increasing  endurance during hover is a goal  to…"
Jan 26, 2020
OG replied to vyoufinder's discussion Recommend a Gimbal for Flying Sony a7s & A7sii on s1000?
"as you may have noticed that most gimbals for UAS copters are out of production permanently!  DYS has summer air and saga gimbals currently only only accepting large orders! I can suggest GH3D 3 axis gimbals cost $500 in stock shipped !!  otherwise…"
Jan 21, 2020
OG replied to ZABBIE's discussion Sudden Potential drop when taking off
"you have not given much relevant information? your amp draw is 46 amps seems too much but we need to know more relevant information  like prop size and motors how meany battery's your using to determine what is your issue ?  are you running other…"
Nov 11, 2019
OG commented on OG's blog post Introducing the GRIFLION M8 VOLT wingspan 2.5 meters RTK+PPK sport
"This craft Just Achieved 15-Hour Flight Time for Enhanced Mission Efficiency

The biggest highlight of Griflion H is the elevated flight time thanks to its high-efficiency metal bipolar plate hydrogen fuel cell with a maximum hydrogen storage…"
Sep 21, 2019
OG posted a blog post
Pixhawk FC university alumni discount available conditions apply!!! A drone with a wingspan of 2.5 meters using PIX Hawk FC for aerial surveying - MMC‘s’GRIFLION M8. This drone combines the advantages of multiple rotors and fixed wings: flexible…
Sep 18, 2019