Recommend a Gimbal for Flying Sony a7s & A7sii on s1000?

Learning about gimbals for my s1000 frame has proven to be spotty on information. Gimbals I have seen and looking at so far are; Movi M5, Gremsy T3, and DYS A7. For all three, there's barely any information I'm finding. For the Gremsy, I can't even get a response from anyone at Gremsy, and for the DYS, I can't find anything other than it exists (existed?) let alone how to integrate it.

Can anyone recommend a gimbal that I am unaware of yet?

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  • I also use Movi M5, they are quite good. Enough for the job.

  • I ended up going with a Movi M5, and Cinemilled mounting hardware with longer legs. The Gremsy is probably sleeker in design, but I only paid half what the Gremsy costs for this setup. Plus I can use it for larger cameras when I use them off the drone.
  • as you may have noticed that most gimbals for UAS copters are out of production permanently!  DYS has summer air and saga gimbals currently only only accepting large orders! I can suggest GH3D 3 axis gimbals cost $500 in stock shipped !!  otherwise your option is much more expensive gimbal solution stating $1200!

    HG3D + three axes Brushless Gimbal 360 degree rotation HDMI-AV [HP-HG3D+] - $669.99 : www.brushless… HG3D + three axes Brushless Gimbal 360 degree rotation HDMI-AV [HP-HG3D+] - Features 1, for Panasonic GH3 / GH4 / GH5 order, t…
  • I'd say the Greasy T3 would be your best bet. I've never seen anything but positive comments about their gimbals.

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