Introducing the GRIFLION M8 VOLT wingspan 2.5 meters RTK+PPK sport

Pixhawk FC university alumni discount available conditions apply!!!


A drone with a wingspan of 2.5 meters using PIX Hawk FC for aerial surveying - MMC‘s’GRIFLION M8. This drone combines the advantages of multiple rotors and fixed wings: flexible take-off and landing, limited by the environment; fast flight speed, long battery life, can be equipped with high-definition cameras; with RTK+PPK system, one button At the same time of accurate take-off and landing, it meets the requirements of high-precision drawing. Hydrogen Fuel cell version also available with 800w-1800w hydrogen fuel sell & HP  2L- 20L tank! cumming soon gas electric hybrid version please enquirer about fuel cell kits available for most multi copter applications as well .  

Hydrogen power delivery kits available with tank , valve and fuel cell as well as hydrogen production station and compressor to fill the tanks.

VERSION 1 # BASIC default: NO GIMBAL Packing: 1 unit*drone, 1 unit*Futaba handset, 2 pcs*portable backpacks
VERSION 2 # Griflion M8 RTK : Survey Mapping, RTK+PPK+MMC Station Software, not compatible with gimbal) Packing: 1 unit*drone, 1 unit*Futaba handset, 2 pcs*portable backpacks, 1 set*RTK ground unit
VERSON 3 # Griflion M8 Inspection: compatible with BGC gimbal Packing: 1 unit*drone, 1 unit*Futaba handset, 2 pcs*portable backpacks, 1 unit*Etlas Neo Ground Station

Hybrid Gas Electric VOLT Griflion M8 8hr flight time coming soon contact us for details !

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Comment by OG on September 21, 2019 at 7:40am

This craft Just Achieved 15-Hour Flight Time for Enhanced Mission Efficiency

The biggest highlight of Griflion H is the elevated flight time thanks to its high-efficiency metal bipolar plate hydrogen fuel cell with a maximum hydrogen storage capacity of 27L. Its flight time reaches a record-breaking 15 hours without payload and it can fly for 10 hours even with a 3kg payload while most drones in market have a maximum 2-hour flight time. In mapping practice, mission is usually interrupted by multiple take-offs and landings in different spots and hence accomplished in lower efficiency. The extended flight time of Griflion H greatly improves mission efficiency. Other features include convenient operation, high security, wide coverage, zero emission and low noise. Coupled with different payloads, it provides solutions for global customers in areas like surveying and mapping, rescue, security & protection, border scouting and forest scouting.


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