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Y6 not lifting off

Started by Ben Snyder. Last reply by Randy 5 hours ago. 16 Replies

I'm trying to get my RTF Y6 off the ground for the first time. I calibrated the ESCs, checked motor spin, ran the calibration wizard in MP (Turns out I had to run a virtual machine on my Mac to use…Continue

APM Failsafe

Started by Damo. Last reply by Pedals2Paddles 8 hours ago. 3 Replies

From my work in attempting to figure out Failsafe i see that the APM ALWAYS treats the throttle channel as the failsafe channel i.e RCMAP_THROTTLE in the full parameter list. Can i change what…Continue

MavLink Failed: Getting Param... (sysid1 compid1) and then nothing...

Started by Oliver Volkmann. Last reply by Oliver Volkmann 10 hours ago. 3 Replies

This is weird. I am seeing my altitude, ground speed, yaw and vertical speed as well as my position in the Flight Data screen almost immediately after I click on "Connect" in Mission Planner however…Continue

Transmitter Loss failsafe

Started by Damo. Last reply by Damo 11 hours ago. 3 Replies

Hello,I want to setup failsafe for my Futaba T6EX tranmitter. I have been following this …Continue

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Comment by Andre Schoonbee 10 hours ago

I have another basic question:

What is the significant difference between professional autopilot systems and opensource units. IS it really worth the extra money or will opensource units be able to provide the same functionality such as blackbox, phone or tablet comms or even joystick from ground station control?

Comment by Shyam Balasubramanian 10 hours ago

@Andre Schoonbee : I think this is a great idea :)

I am sure, such a mode like "Point of No return" will give more versatility to Arducopter code base and probably, save some folks their copters!

Comment by Andre Schoonbee 10 hours ago

I have an idea/request

I believe it will be of great help if we could have a mode like "Point of No Return". The idea is that the autopilot needs to monitor the battery usage as well as the distance from home and work out the consumption of power. Then given the amount of battery power still left it should initiate return to home. This will prevent loss of the unit. TI have this as a mode will give the user the ability to select this if they are flying over difficult terrain or over water.

Comment by Artem on Monday

Hi, I am trying to pair 2 air modules of an old 3dr radios, does anyone know how to accomplish this?  

Comment by Thomas J Coyle III on Saturday


The PM Eagle files are on this webpage:PM


TCIII Admin 

Comment by Longshot7601 on Saturday

Does anybody have a link to the Power Module schematic?  Mine isn't working and I want to know why.

Thanks in advance.

Comment by António Cabral on April 10, 2014 at 4:27pm

@dr0n3droid My problems started here:
Now I think that I should have kept those clones and just transplant the voltage regulator from the old (original) PM to the new clone. Now I have none. I've sent the clones back and have refunded.
You just can't know if it's genuine or fake until it's in our hands, cuz those stores for sure don't say it's not the real thing. And the shipping costs for tiny things, gosh!
I think I'll stay here for today!
Thanks again dr0n3droid!

Comment by dr0n3droid on April 10, 2014 at 4:10pm
I keep that CC BEC around for situations like this. There is no I&V monitor, but but I can still fly.
Comment by dr0n3droid on April 10, 2014 at 4:05pm
@António I feel your pain.
I busted another PM yesterday in a rover crash. That's two now. If I break 3 more it might be worthwhile to fix them. I found the part I need.

$6.77 seems reasonable, but $48 for shipping? Something is wrong with the system.
Comment by António Cabral on April 10, 2014 at 3:41pm

@dr0n3droid Thanks again.
I'm starting to consider this option, attopilot+voltage regulator, for I'm frustrated in trying to buy a PM in europe, instead of trying to go for the higher voltage LiPos. It's the third attempt in buying one PM, and 2 were clones without the voltage regulator, and another went missing in the mail. Most of the best stores in here have it out of stock. I dunno why.

I'm feeling I'm being forced to buy it directly from 3DR, or try this new/old approach. In the while it's been week that my hexa is grounded. :-(



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