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    Check out the replies to my post on the 8' Senior Telemaster here. Mike Bakula reports a payload on his Telemaster of around 20 lbs, all up weight of 30 lbs. Curt Olson has some nice pictures and some good information too. I don't know what kind of performance your looking for but I think if the payload ability of the Sr. Telemaster is any indication of what is possible in the 12' Telemaster you should be able to carry a payload of around 45 lbs.. Now this is EXTREME this would be a wing loading of aproximately 52 oz/sq. ft., however one advantage you have in the 12' Telemaster is a laminated wing spar and may laminated stingers. etc. this results in a strong airframe. Personally I think 25 lbs. would be a payload you could carry comfortably. A little uni-directional carbon fiber reinforcement of the wing spar would be recommend, as well as reinforcement of the wing strut and wing strut attachment points. Are you building the kit or did you buy the ARF? I am waiting for my 8' Telemaster now, it's been backordered for a while:(, hope it ships soon! They said availability would be late May, it's very late May now isn't it? Anyway good luck. Post some pics when you get a chance, I'd be interested in particular to seen your hardware installation.
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