2.0.39 Available

I see that .39 is up on the Planner, so is it good to go to test?  What are some things to look for in this beta?



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  • Not sure what I am doing different but I just tested v38 and alt_hold 30mins ago and everything works. I mean the triggering part and it will stay on its current level but flying around is different story. But I never even had a chance on v39 to fly around as it will just continue to climb. It cant be hardware as I have 3 different frame/board/sonar on them but same behavior on all of them. Worst on the AC stock frame/motor as it had a bad landing due to accelerated climb then decent. Funny thing is going back to v38 will not show such behavior even loiter is stable no aggressive movements.


    I hope I have luck with v40 seems all of you enjoys alt_hold on v39

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    tried 2.0.39b this evening,
    stablize mode is very smooth and nice, altitude works great;
    loiter starts ok, but then very aggressive manoeuvres, constant overshooting of the loiter point, becoming more and more aggressive until I have to switch loiter off to prevent a crash.

    I changed now the PID values for loiter and will try again tomorrow ...
  • Made a few flights with 2.039b today. Stabilize works fine, however I found some issues with descending.

    When vertical speed is more then - 0.7-1m/s (negative, going down), copter starts to oscillate (and as faster as more) and an only way to prevent it is to increase throttle and stop descending. It's a bit inconvenient (and sometimes really scary) and it becomes impossible to decrease altitude fast. Any ideas how to solve it? I guess, some PID tweaking required...

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    Weird behaviour with 2.0.38.


    Stablise mode OK.

    Altitude hold OK.

    Loiter, ok for a few seconds then the copter starts banking left and right, bigger and bigger then then I switch to stablise.

  • had another go of the .39b on the a 3rd frame and ALT_hold and loiter have the same behavior quad will start to climb and doest seem to stop even at 20ft. Ill pass on v29 i'll go back to v38. my arducopter frame had a bad landing because of this version. Aferman is lucky but we have different results. for me v38 is rock solid (except when doing agressive maneuver) on all 3 frame, will stay on that height that i trigger it. it seems the sonar on v39b is sometime not reading its height. Now I  know why vincent mentioned that his sonar seems to not work.

  • I have a doubt with the compass meassurement shown in the APM. I´m flying a X mode but the APM shows a "+" quad icon in the map (see image attached). When the APM points north my quad (X mode) must be at 45º positioned.


    This shouldn´t be a problem if it´s considered in the code but for the user is a bit confussing. Now I don´t know if my compass 3692260302?profile=originalis offset by 45º or is OK.

  • i want to order an arducopter but i don t want to buy gps and mag for the moment

    i would like to know if i can fly withtout gps and mag(only with baro,acc and gyro)

    others little question

    if i want to buy sonar,can i fly with it without gps and mag?


    thanks for you reply and sorry if my answer had already asking

  • I finally tried the .39b but as what others mentioned same thing triggering alt hold would make the quad climb. I triggered it around 4-6ft where I always try alt hold on all previous version. I think its too uncomfortable to have quad climb when triggering alt_hold unlike in .38 it will lock it self on that alt once triggered. thos flying around on .38 will drop a bit here and there or climb a bit when trying to stop but its not scary to trigger alt hold.

    I didnt bother with other modes as I would normally proceed testing if it pass the previous mode

    STAB > ALT_HOLD > LOITER > RTL > CIRCLE (never reach this far yet)


  • I've loaded 2.039betta today and made a few flights. It was perfect! The most stable version I've seen. No more problems with yaw at all. I checked ALT_HOLD and LOITER modes. ALT_HOLD works pretty good, but LOITER is not very stable, copter is ocsillating about 2-3 meters, maybe it's because of the wind, however it wasn't too strong. Anyway, going to make one more test tomorrow.
    I have a couple of questions. There is a figure of quadcopter on the map in Mission Planner with one leg marked. I fly in "X" mode. Front-Right leg is marked or marked leg shows the direction of the copter?
    When will 2.039 code be able for download through APM repository? I see only 2.038 there.
  • Loaded .39 today. Attached sonar on arm away from everything and alt hold worked very well, however, at about 2 to 3 meter high it just wants to shoot up into the sky. Why?
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