is anyone using the 2.0.39 code for their Y6-Copter? If so, how have the tests been going? Has someone got a good Loiter running?

I am still on 2.0.35, and stabilze is working fine, just loiter seems to have a glitch, so i'd like to do the switch, but only if i am not in for some bad surprises... :D



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2.0.39 broke my compass, sonar and output 2 on my Y6, other people have been reporting the same thing I would hold off if I were you.

Those of you flying Y6 should work with Jani and Hein to fix any issues with that. We're looking for folks who are comfortable working a bit with the code (just bugfixing, not necessarily writing code from scratch).

I don't think anyone else on the dev team has a Y6, so we can't test it.

How would I get in contact with them? At this point I cant figure out if .39 broke my compass/sonar or if my compass/sonar are broken? I have only ever flown on .38 and recently changed frames to a Y6 were nothing seems to be working after I updated to .39. I would like to help but I dont know how much help I can be without knowing if my board is broken or not, I really cant afford to get a new one to test it out.

I'm flying a Y6-Copter. Two weeks ago the 2.0.39 code was loaded via the APM. With this code I have serious yaw problems. After lifting up up the copter starts turning around very fast. It looks as if the yaw gyro is reversed in the code, After three days testing I stopped with this version and loaded 2.0.38 again. No problems with that version.

Elsewhere on this forum I read similar problems with a tri-kopter configuration. There they revered the yaw servo, a solution not working for an Y6-configuration.


As always, please file any issue reports in the Issue Tracker so the developers can see them--they won't know about these otherwise (there are many hundreds of comments here every day; they can't read them all). I see reports on the Tri, but none on Y6.

I don't think any of the dev team has a Y6 so we need to community to step up here and help us test these.


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