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I like everything and want to make a hovering head

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I want to put a manikin head with glowing eyes on a quad and fly it around.

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basshead replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion ArduPlane 2.73 released
"Hello, I cant get my elevons to move up and down more than a couple mm's, where do I adjust that?"
Jul 11, 2013
basshead replied to luanlmd's discussion Antenna tracker using video data (closed captions)?
"You can encode telemetry into one channel of your audio stream, thats what a lot of antenna trackers do. The point of an antenna tracker is that you wont ever loose video because it should outrun your planes range."
Jun 11, 2013
basshead replied to SalesProductions's discussion ArduCopter for Mac Osx ( Mountain Lion ) - 10.8.3
"@Paul I dont know what you're talking about "real business" or anything like that? Your choice of OS does not legitimize how "real" your business is. Credentials are meaningless and I wont go into them. I dont understand how the starbucks comment…"
Jun 10, 2013
basshead commented on Markus Horeld's photo
"with your pid's I am getting some weird quick oscillations on the roll that I cant tune out. If you give full right then left stick, is it stable for you?"
Apr 28, 2013
basshead commented on Markus Horeld's photo
"Are these with 900kv motors and 9x5 graupners?"
Apr 26, 2013
basshead replied to Smart 79's discussion 3dr Power Module problem
"Thats really a bad mistake, whoever soldered it..."
Mar 21, 2013
basshead replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.9 / 2.9.1 released
"It would be pretty cool if for 2.9.2 a linear throttle transition was applied every time the APM took control or gave control of the throttle. "
Feb 28, 2013
basshead replied to Aeropixel's discussion LiPo battery detected with less cells than it realy has in ArduCopter User Group
"If your charger has a NiMh mode, you can try trickle charging it at the lowest setting until it's recognized as a 4s battery again. Its really not that dangerous, just be smart and do it in a ventilated fireproof place. "
Jan 25, 2013
basshead replied to Michael's discussion Best $150 (or less) radio
"Why are you against a Turnigy radio? They are kinda incredible in the same way things like the arduino are incredible, they are cheap with a HUGE community with tons of use-cases and mods behind it. "
Jan 4, 2013
basshead replied to Gareth Rens's discussion Running two APMs in tandem
"Also they wouldnt be on the same axis, causing weird accelerations diff's between the two.. It would just get messy. Its much better to just have a stab loop without an imax that can correct for a down'd motor."
Jan 27, 2012
basshead replied to Han S's discussion mix and match ESC's?
"Technically speaking the IMU should just compensate for whatever variances in throttle response different ESC's have. You should be fine. "
Jan 16, 2012
basshead replied to Dave's discussion Full state vector from IMU
"I am working on just the z-accel alt-hold piece right now but I haven't written anything but test code for it, still fleshing out my ideas. I like how your thinking about how loiter should work though, using the GPS to attain a position and the IMU…"
Jan 10, 2012
basshead replied to duane's discussion Forever yawing
"I am having a similar issue, I noticed that if I reload the code, setup the radio and everything without turning the APM off, it works fine, i can even fly. But as soon as I restart the APM the yaw gyro isnt taken into account it seems. The IMU test…"
Jan 10, 2012
basshead replied to Jason Short's discussion Arducopter 2.1.1 alpha
"On my test hexa that I have been using for a while, YAW is suddenly not working with the new build or any past builds. Roll and pitch work fine, testing the IMU itself outputs the correct values and the compass is working fine aswell. All the motors…"
Jan 6, 2012
basshead replied to Dean Walker's discussion Getting in line.....
Jan 5, 2012
basshead replied to Leonardo Guarini's discussion MK Hexa XL unstable
"I run a similar setup in Y6 config. I found flying it on 3s was super difficult, try switching to 4s and re-doing the entire assembly regarding the APM. Another thing, if your comfortable try loading the firmware from Arduino rather than the mission…"
Jan 5, 2012