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Michael posted a discussion
Hey all,I'm working on converting my traxxas rustler into an ardurover. I have the APM 2.6 that I pulled from my quadcopters as well as a fatshark fpv setup. I'm looking to get a range of a few miles with obstructions. What do you recommend in terms…
Jan 27, 2016
Michael replied to Michael's discussion Huge Quadcopter Build
"How about something like these? http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__29067__Turnigy_9014_105kv_Br...
These's are a little pricey though, I'm trying to do this build relatively cheap ($1000 is my top dollar). The frame will probably be square…"
Feb 16, 2014
Michael posted a discussion
So I'm thinking of doing a huge (I mean huge) quadcopter build. Think something like the picture above, but not an X8. Anyone have any ideas/cautions/suggestions? I'm probably going to custom build the frame. Once I have the frame done I'll post its…
Feb 15, 2014
Michael posted a blog post
A great community to share ideas, projects, and questions if your on Google+! I recently started a group on Google+ for Quadcopter and multirotor discussion! Check it out!https://plus.google.com/communities/103343073289680687724
Jan 1, 2014
Michael commented on Chris Anderson's blog post A warning on travelling with drones in your luggage
"I know this is a late comment. I'm travelling with my quad to make a soalr farm video. I really don't have the money for a Pelican case though. Has anyone just straight up carried the quadcopter onto the plane without a case? I'd take props off and…"
Jan 1, 2014
Michael posted a discussion
So I might of gotten a job doing flyovers of a solar farm to make an advertisement. Right now I have a stock 3DR quadcopter, with the APM. The client wants nice sweeping view of the farm, smooth and sub professional. The problem is, I'm not a pro! I…
Dec 31, 2013
Michael commented on Fred Vacher's blog post 3D Printed Quadcopter
"This is really cool! Me and my friend are experimenting of his printer with ABS but so far it's been nothing but a frustration. How do you get it to stick to the bed? We sometimes heat the bed to 120 Celsius! We also have trouble making nylon stick.…"
Oct 16, 2013
Michael commented on Arthur Benemann's blog post DroidPlanner is now installed on 5000 devices
"Oh ok I see now, I'm on 2.2 froyo so that could be an issue. Maybe I'll see if I can pick up a galaxy player or whatever and set that up..."
Oct 14, 2013
Michael commented on Michael's blog post 3D Printed Prop protectors- 3DR Quadcopter Version C
"OK, I'll upload the files sometime during the week so you can try them out (on my tablet now). It is AutoDesk inventer under a student liscence. "
Oct 14, 2013
Michael commented on Arthur Benemann's blog post DroidPlanner is now installed on 5000 devices
"I have question. I have the free version on my nexus 7 but I can only find the support one on the play story on my old Droid Incredible 2 (I have windows phone now). The nexus is too big to mount to my controller. I don't mind supporting the…"
Oct 14, 2013
Michael posted a blog post
I spent some time over the weekend designing this prop protector for a 3DR quadcopter. So far it's 90% done, I just need to design a little mechanism to lock it into the arm. It's too big for my 3D printer so I'm probably going to separate it into 4…
Oct 14, 2013
Michael posted a discussion
So my Quadcopter (apm 2.5) has been getting terrible battery life. It would always exceed 8 minutes, but recently its been getting more like 3-4. I thought something might be wrong with the copter, but I know its not now. I plugged my battery in to…
Sep 24, 2013
Michael replied to Agriavionics's discussion Quadcopter wobbles
"Did you check your PIDs? I still have a few issues with that on descent but its trivial."
Sep 23, 2013
Michael commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Iris Developer Edition shipments started!
"Wish this was my garage!"
Sep 21, 2013
Michael replied to Raph's discussion Y6 battery life. is something wrong?
"I get about the same with my quadcopter"
Sep 21, 2013
Michael left a comment for Gary McCray
"Hi Gary,

Just a thing on shipping rates (from your comment). I was also mad because of high shipping. I sent support an email and they shipped the parts for free through standard mail! I got it in 2 days ( I live on the east coast). There is a size…"
May 22, 2013