My quad, first flight complete


Well, just completed my first flight on my quad, 3dr stock frame. I received a replacement ESC from 3DR today (speedy service!), programmed it and put it on. A few minutes of soldering and a LiPo battery charge later I brought it down to the basement to fly (too rainy outside). I turned it on and armed the motors, noticing that the props all were spinning the wrong way, so I readjusted the esc wires and nervously took off. I got off the ground and steered a little, and in the process, noticed how sensitive the controls were. I had some hard landings, but thanks to my 3D printed landing shoes I found on thingiverse, it had no damage to the copter. I came to close to the wall so I dropped the throttle and landed on a hard piece of metal (ouch!), I heard a cracking noise and it turned out to be a small piece of wood, odd. My PIDs seem all fine, maybe a little tweaking, but I'm rather impressed. Can't wait to outside! I took pictures and a video, the video is too dark though, so I'll just post before flight pictures.



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    Congrats, i was there a month ago!
    I can tell you if you practice, you will progress fast.
  • Flying in a confined space is much harder, you will find that outdoor flights are much less stress.

  • Congrads on the first flight after all that work  some times you got to just go for it !

  • Moderator

    That's excellent - congratulations! (:

  • Congratulations on the maiden flight!

    At least in the basement, you wont' have a flyaway!

    Get it outside and tether it until you are comfortable with it; then turn it loose.

    If it loves you, it will come back. ;)



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