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Iris Developer Edition shipments started!

3689549655?profile=originalHere's a shot of the Iris production line, with some of the first batch of Developer Editions getting ready to go out last week. The first shipments started on Friday. They come in a cool box -- here's mine, which just arrived!

3689549732?profile=originalThe Iris Developer Edition is for users who want the first hands-on experience with our next-gen autopilot, Pixhawk, and the suite of upgraded technologies, from software to radios, that are at the core of Iris. As part of this Developer program, these brave early users have access to a special support and feedback list, where they will be working directly with the engineers and software developers to ensure that the ultimate consumer experience is as good as possible. They'll also get a discount on the Iris Consumer Edition, which should be out before Thanksgiving (mid-Nov).

As these first Iris Developer units reach customers, we'll start revealing more of what's inside them and the full suite of technologies, from cross-platform ground stations and mobile apps to autopilot controlled camera gimbals, that are coming as part of the new Iris/Pixhawk platform.  This reflects more than a year of development and is designed to combine fly-out-of-the-box ease of use with the power of real UAV autonomy, allowing a totally new experience in aircraft control.

Thanks in advance to the Developer Edition users, whose input will be invaluable in polishing off any rough edges and otherwise ensuring that the Iris Consumer Edition will arrive ready for everyone, expert or not. 

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  • and any word on the hard carry case? I have been looking at pelican(no size really fits) and hardigg military shipping cases on ebay and the 24x24x10 looks like a possibility.. but I am really hoping that a better option becomes  ready from 3DR.


  • So how soon on the consumer editions? I got my store credit back on nov 11 just 3 days after the developer edition ceased sale.. so how soon can I order? I have already created a vagrant machine and compiled the PixHawk/APM trees and I and I am  attempting to get SITL working on OSX.. its compiled but the shells scripts to invoke all fail for one reason or the other . And Can I get an invite to the developers list? A bit late to the party(wrong hardware ordered initially by a none pilot loved one, RMA etc). I do have a real world not hobbyist app involving creating airborne maps of radiation flux for contamination cleanup crews etc and I am eager to start on the flight hardware..


  • Will the Iris allow addition of your FPV/OSD?  Not talking about mounting issues, but hardware/software compatibility.

  • Yes, the gimbal will have a set of tall legs. The stock fixed GoPro mount attaches to the nose and works with the standard legs.

  • Chris. If you are looking to compete with the DJI Phantom, which by the way your amazing products will have no problem doing, may I suggest that you look at developing an optional tall landing gear allowing a gimbal to be attached. The major appeal of the Phantom is that it is so easy to attach a GoPro and film things. With a removable gear the customer can choose. Just a suggestion. Love your products.

  • @Joshua Ott,  I've been working with CAD for around 4.5 years and if there is anything I can do to help out I'd love to volunteer my time to help assist your CAD Engineers in any way, shape, or form that I can.  Just let me know.

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    Josh, I believe those folks make the guts for GoPro.....

  • I see these are backordered... I'm a newbie when it comes to quads but a technologist so I think Iris is for me over DJI/Blade


  • Gary, those cameras are sweet!

    JJ, only real prototypes for me. The smart people around here are the only ones using CAD.

  • Let see everyone :) seriusly, for me you're generating hype better than Valve :D

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