battery issues anyone got any ideas?

So my Quadcopter (apm 2.5) has been getting terrible battery life. It would always exceed 8 minutes, but recently its been getting more like 3-4. I thought something might be wrong with the copter, but I know its not now. I plugged my battery in to my charger for a discharge, but got an error telling me that one of the cells voltage was too low to work, but the others weren't. Now I'm thinking its one of the cells, what do you think? I might call and see if I can get it replaced. Its a flightpower 2200mah 3S. Also, for a new pack should I go with Zippy or Turnigy?

Thanks for your help!

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    I have Turnigy Nano-Tech 3S 3300mAh and 4s 4500mAh. The 3S has really good flight time, and low voltage sag. Being lighter is an advantage. The 4S flies a bit longer, but I think a larger prop would extend the flight.

    I've found the nano-tech batteries to be much more robust than the Turnigy blue 2200mAh batteries I purchased before. For bit extra cost they last longer. Not having to replace a battery so often save postage costs, and frustrating no fly time.

    Also I found that 2200mAh batteries are bit small for a quad. It makes it easier to over discharge. 3S 3000+mAh is better and you then can avoid over-discharging as this is what shortens the lifetime of the battery.

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    Does your charger have a balance charge option? You might just need to balance charge the battery. I like the nano-tech or zippy. If you want longer flight time try upping the mAh to 5000 or 6000. Most quads can lift these batteries and you should get about 15 minutes of flight time.
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