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So I've been have trouble with voltage on my quadcopter. I am still learning so I keep it low, but recently I've been going higher up. I'm a little nervous about the battery because my quad starts descending slowly, gaining speed in the process. I get somewhat of a warning because it becomes sluggish, but at a high altitude I may have trouble getting it down in time. Also, when I plug it back into the charger, it says there is 10.30 volts left! I haven't tried measuring the voltage with my multimeter, but I will. Is there anyway I can know the voltage? I know I can use telemetry through my laptop, but I don't always have it with me. Is there a module I can use to monitor it that I can put on my transmitter? I would use an alarm, but most go off at 9.3 volts, which I think is too low.


Thanks for your help!

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  • Hi Michael - You might have a cell that is dying in the battery.  Do you have a balance charger that can tell you the individual voltages?

    Anyway for me this is the definative guide to LiPo batteries:

    The table I made from this article is this:

    Cells Discharged 80% Fully Charged
    1 3.73 4.20
    2 7.46 8.40
    3 11.19 12.60
    4 14.92 16.80
    5 18.65 21.00
    6 22.38 25.20
    7 26.11 29.40
    8 29.84 33.60
    9 33.57 37.80
    10 37.30 42.00
  • Is there a standalone FrSky telemetry system the doesn't require an FrSky reciver?

  • I would use a buzzer, but I want the ability to monitor live.

  • T3
    I used a LiPo buzzer to warn me when voltage gets low. Works great.
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