Today I was flying in a relatively large yard. There were light winds with gusts at the highest around 10-15 mph. I was flying around a little and my copter went too high and I couldn't control it, so I flipped the switch to RTL. The copter started going away, over a few other houses. I switched over to stabilize to bring it in. The copter just didn't have the power to fight the light wind gusts. It started descending into another block. I lost sight so I put the throttle all the way up. It still descended. I shut the throttle down to avoid injuries to possible passerby's because it was probably low enough not to hurt if it fell, but the props could cause damage. I went running to find it. I check backyards (with permission from owners). I, finally after about 30 minutes, found it on someone's roof. 5 more feet it would of been underwater. We were able to get it by climbing on the roof. It was upright like a normal landing, but obviously didn't land that way because the wood pole I used to protect the props was missing, broken off. Any idea what went wrong? I will post logs soon, when I have time to get them off. Any know issues why this happened? Also, something I noticed was that it was going in the direction of my set home location, over 40 miles away. I know RTL goes to where the motors were armed but maybe there is a glitch? Glad I got it back and even happier that no one was hurt, I learned my lesson!


Thanks for your help


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    Do you have telemetry in the field? I always fly with telemetry, so I can find it if I have fly away, plus a get to know exactly where home is. You probably should not flown in such windy conditions.
  • I had the same thing happen to me. My GPS thought the launch location was somewhere else and My quad tried going through a tree to get to it... obviously the tree didn't move out of the way.

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