Best $150 (or less) radio

I just finished building my arducopter and am ready to buy a radio system. My budget it up to $150. I looked at the spektrum dx6i but its reviews on its build quality was bad. The radio I found was the Tactic TTX600. I like it due to its simplicity, its not a computer radio, which is why its cheap. Do any of you have experience with it on the arducopter? If not can you recommend a cheap radio. I not going to get a Turnigy.




Link for the tactic radio

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  • Turnigy 9X is my vote too.  I would get the new 9XR.

  • T3

    It might stretch your budget a little, but you could get a used Futaba 8U or JR 8103, put a new battery in it and convert it to 2.4ghz with a module from HobbyKing. I fly a JR8103 with a FrSky 2.4ghz conversion module with an $8 patch antenna upgrade. 

    I've had the 8103 for over ten years and love it, I get amazing range with the patch antenna, it beeps at me when I start getting too far and has a failsafe. Do NOT get something without a failsafe or a receiver that will at least drop the throttle to a predetermined point to activate the failsafe on the APM. 

  • Why are you against a Turnigy radio? They are kinda incredible in the same way things like the arduino are incredible, they are cheap with a HUGE community with tons of use-cases and mods behind it. 

  • I was going to say a Turnigy 9X (or their new one, 9XR or whatever). Why are you avoiding the Turnigy radios? You want a computer radio. Without the programming functions it will be difficult if not impossible to switch between flight modes. Long story short if you want a cheap radio for use with ArduCopter get a Turnigy 9X.

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