Just had a pretty bad flight....

Alright so I had just put my new APC 13x6.5's on and went for a flight, it started wobbling a bit when suddenly the APM rebooted, half the motors got full power and it leapt up into the air about 5 feet, flipped, and dove into the ground. the only way I coudl turn it off was to turn off my TX oddly enough. Any ideas? Broken IMU?

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  • I ended up just ordering a new IMU+APM, hopefully i get it by next weekends shoot date. This project of mine has been set back so many times...

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    You are exceding the current limit of your motors.


    The max you can get with a 2820-14 is 32A, with a 13 x 6.5 propeller this is a value you will get with 3 Cells batteries. At 4 Cells you will get more than 50A !!


    So you have three solutions : use larger motors, use 3 Cells batterie, or use a smaller prop.

  • I second what Mike said. You had a brown out reset. I personally won't trust the main computer to the regulators of a cheap BEC. I have been doing some bench testing using a 328 pro mini. Several times I was looking at code and thinking,... and BAMM!! 100% power and my motor tester booting up (it has it's own 16x2 display). I have a motor on a test balance arm and it slammed my little 200 g Ohaus balance. After I powered the Arduino on it's own regulator,  the problem went away. It happened probably a dozen tines and after the power change, it hasn't happened once.. I could reset with the button and  with an armed ESC and motor was still, but after a brown out , look out!!! 100% power for a couple of seconds. They seemed to happen coincident with the "warning beeps" from the ESC, once in a while. Maybe has something to do with how the timer defaults reset or something..? Who knows, but it happened to me.

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    If the only change you made to an already working, stable copter was change to different/larger props, then I would first suspect that you exceeded the power capacity of the power distribution, overdrove the motors or an esc (w/ BEC, maybe) or pulled the voltage low because of the increased current beyond what it could deliver, something like that. 

    But I have no idea, I am just guessing based on what you described and knowing nothing about the copter. 

    How do you know that the APM rebooted? What are the specs or your copter, AUW, motors, esc, source of Pdb, and battery voltage, c rating, and mAh?

    Do you have any logs?

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