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Greg Fletcher commented on Patrick McKay's blog post Remote ID Proposal Outlaws Home-built RC Aircraft
"David, I am sad to say that he is 100% correct. The devil is in the details, which have a section explicitly calling out a UAV made from 100% store bought parts. Do you carve your own props, machine and wind you motors. They are trying to pull a…"
Jan 1, 2020
Greg Fletcher replied to Karl Schwab's discussion Exported Mission - Format of Lat Lon
"Interesting. What platform generated this file? Mission Planer, DJI app. Don't know so I googled json file. It is a human readable protocol for data objects to be transferred between different applications. As for the format of the lat/lon data it…"
Nov 8, 2019
Greg Fletcher commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post Cars vs robots
"Maybe a flashing led or strobe on a 3.5' vertical stick would help with traffic visibility. As well as side vision cameras to detect a threat vehicle and stop the bot before the collision. A cardboard box on wheels doesn't help either as it looks…"
Oct 24, 2019
Greg Fletcher replied to jc's discussion Control Thether drone project
"Not possible with the toy drones you specify. Why would you need to do this any way. Existing transmitters for video are dirt cheap for the short ranges you are talking about. If you want a secure info system tethered there are companies who have…"
Sep 29, 2019
Greg Fletcher replied to Miguel Sepulveda's discussion Legacy source code for Ardupilot w/Atmega328
"First I must ask, why bother with one of those. Do you have thermopile sensors or a imu sensor board. I flew one of these a back in those days. Had 3 axis thermopile and GPS and 2 way telemetry. I may still have a copy of the firmware that I…"
May 1, 2019
Greg Fletcher replied to Robert Wells's discussion Quad Copter Log Analysis Post Crash
"I am not sure what the cut off point for running on APM. Old hardware is fine and 3.2 I think is the last or close to the last version. You have to find your real problem. Look for loose connections and also for little whiskers or stray wire stands…"
Nov 25, 2018
Greg Fletcher replied to Robert Wells's discussion Quad Copter Log Analysis Post Crash
"Your log contains almost no information. The only thing being logged is attitude and RCin. Not much to go on. I don't even see a crash at the end. You RCin just end with the sticks not centered, so that tells me that the log just ended mid flight.…"
Nov 23, 2018
Greg Fletcher replied to isfandyar01's discussion should throttle be closed at ground of plane in rtl and auto mode is it normal?
"If the throttle/engine works in manual mode it will work in auto. Have you set up your ICE_ parameters yet. That may be it. The behavior I described is for an electric plane. With an ic engine you would start it in manual unless you have an electric…"
Nov 19, 2018
Greg Fletcher replied to isfandyar01's discussion should throttle be closed at ground of plane in rtl and auto mode is it normal?
"That is normal behavior. I manual and fbwa the throttle is directly controlled by the pilot. In all other modes the pixhawk controls the throttle and it knows it is not flying so it doesn't run the motor, with the exception of an auto takeoff…"
Nov 17, 2018
Greg Fletcher replied to David's discussion Drone doesn't face ROI in mission
"Hello David,   I have already done what you were trying to do an it does work. I have a 3 axis gimbal with a Storm controller. The only input I have wired is RC on the tilt. I control cam tilt with a TX pot or the AP can take control of tilt when in…"
Oct 21, 2018
Greg Fletcher commented on Sokil.aero's blog post SokilLink all-in-one wireless link
"Looks like a nice unit. If it is reliable you will sell a lot of them. This may be a dumb question, but is the wifi link encrypted? Have you measured the latency of the video link?"
Jul 15, 2018
Greg Fletcher replied to Augusto Lombardi's discussion my First question
"I like the Storm32 controller. You can get one for ~70 - 80 USD from China, that's with a gopro sized gimbal! I haven't really used other types. There's lots of  gimbals that size for ~ $200, if you want motor encoders you will need a Grimsley…"
Jul 3, 2018
Greg Fletcher commented on Marco Robustini's blog post "Rescue FC" - integrated safety system suitable for unmanned aerial vechles
"How many channels from the 2 FC's are switched? A high value payload/mission were redundancy is important will have 8 motors plus auxiliary channels. "
Jul 3, 2018
Greg Fletcher replied to Charles Linquist's discussion STORM 32 Gimbal doesn't work
"Well, you have some reading to do! Gimbals don't just work you need to calibrate the accelerometers, physicaly balance the gimbal mechanism, tune the PID settings,and do an auto detect to get all the motors going the right way. And about the…"
May 30, 2018
Greg Fletcher replied to John Longland's discussion RTL function on pixhawk in PIXHAWK
"Yes the mode channel must stay in RTL. If the mode channel changes the new mode will be selected. If RTL mode was the result of a low battery or radio lose it will stay in that mode even when the radio is working again. The mode switch must change…"
May 26, 2018
Greg Fletcher replied to Preamble's discussion Asking for experienced advice on Tlog first flight HEX YAW IMU issue in Pixhawk 2 User Group
"The clockwise motors,1,3,6 are less power than the counterclockwise,2,4,5 motors. It is compensating for an inherent yaw in the airframe. I am assuming you have clamp type motor mounts and tube arms. Check that all the motors are on the same plane,…"
May 13, 2018