I have been searching the web, -to no avail - for the latest source code for the Ardupilot board with Atmega 328.

Can someone send me a link to a download site or point me on how to get it?

thanks in advance!

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First I must ask, why bother with one of those. Do you have thermopile sensors or a imu sensor board. I flew one of these a back in those days. Had 3 axis thermopile and GPS and 2 way telemetry. I may still have a copy of the firmware that I modified.

I still have the hardware and a custom ground station based on the 328. 

Thanks for your response Greg. I have the gps and other stuff. The firmware on the board was replaced by other application and I want to have the board working again for teaching purposes.
Greg: it will be of great help if you can get hold of the old source code and send it to me. Thanks in advance

There is some very ancient code here and here

Thanks Chris! I carefully reviewed both links but unfortunately the are all for the Mega 1280/2560. There is no version there that will work with the Atmega 328. 

I found and old manual fort this board and says that the code was  an ArduPilot 2.3 version. Does someone have copy or link to that source code?


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