Provide a place to discuss the development of firmware and accessory hardware for the Pixhawk 2 stand alone navigation controller.

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  • Building a fixed wing long range mapper. Curious what the Pixhawk 2 will bring? Support for multiple camera systems, basic on-board processing, running dual GNSS? Any confirmed dates for release?


  • I download a set of code iCGS on github ,but it can't run in Xcode.who have the code about UAV ,please contact me ,thank you!!!

  • Developer

    NOTE!  WE HAVE MOVED! ==============================================

    We now have a new shiny discussion and support forum for ArduPilot, Pixhawk, Linux and supporting projects at

    Please come visit us there for all things ArduPilot. We look forward to seeing you.

    Full announcement @ here

  • Any new information?

  • Developer
    Hi Richard
    Key advantages are, built in vibration isolation, heated IMU, modular, redundant power and additional sensors.
  • Thomas [ or anyone ] what is expected to be advantageous for the pix 2 compared to the pix 1? thx

  • By New Zealand standards, that's Spidezilla!

  • Developer
    By Australian standards, that's not a big spider....
  • Admin

    @Fnoop Dogg,

    That is just the FCU removed from its carrier board. It is a very compact flight controller by itself, but is about the same size as a PH1 when attached to its carrier board.


    Tom C AVD

  • Is that a tiny tiny tiny pixhawk2..


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Pixhawk 2.1 Hardware Limitations

Hello,I wanted to ask about the limits of the accelerometer and gyroscope in the pixhawk. I wish to use the pixhawk as a flight controller for a turbine powered plane capable of speeds upwards of 100m/secs.I know this is a bit much for the poor pixhawk but I am curious about the hardware limitations of the device.If there are other more robust sensors which can be attached to the pixhawk to make it capable of supporting a vehicle at that speed, that would be great as well.Thank you,Regards.

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Need advice on equipment

I'm doing some testing on parachutes and want to record descent rate.   Is there a way to do this with say, a cube, without going to a pitot tube? I would think that the angular descent of a parachute would not give accurate descent rate (or would it?) due to the lateral motion.   Does the cube have an RTC to record the samples by time along with the other sensors, so I could calculate speed over time?  How about an add-on to a cube (a la arduino shield) to do the airspeed descent rate.   I'm…

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