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DG commented on eUGENE's blog post Is it possible to beat drone jammers?
"I thought using satellite map navigation has been used for quite some time already, at least by the military."
Oct 9, 2017
DG commented on Jack's blog post Quadcopter brushless motor: which brand is most popular one?
"Out of the many motors I've used, KDE would be at the top. I have 14 2814XF-515 KDE motors installed on 3 different copters (1 Y6, 2 quads). They are very powerful, versatile, quiet and the triple ABEC-7 bearing configuration makes them stand out…"
Jun 6, 2017
DG commented on Kristaps Brass's blog post Universal Adapter for DJI Gimbals
"Now will DJI file a lawsuit?"
Mar 7, 2017
DG commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New 3DR autopilot: Pixhawk Mini
"@ Gary McCray.  Is still called climate change? I don't anyone that denies climate changes. "
Oct 31, 2016
DG commented on Julian's blog post 3DR's Rise and Fall
"DJI is trying to patent everything related to drones (including their GEO system and force it on everyone via legislation), suing Yuneec, suing Autel,
Personally I want nothing to do with DJI."
Oct 7, 2016
DG replied to Michael S. McConnell's discussion which 4 in 1 esc is usable with the pixhawk
"I use HobbyWing 25A Quattro on two quadcopters, then flashed with BLHeli. They work excellent, no problems, hundreds of flights.

They also have a new product:…"
Sep 29, 2016
DG replied to Shaun Bell's discussion Auto tunes issues on large X8, near rollover. in PIXHAWK
"I thought the latest beta fw had additional provisions for doing AT on large craft?"
Sep 21, 2016
DG replied to Chris Hardwick's discussion KDE Driect motor vibration issue
"I have 14 KDE 2814XF 515 motors; 1 Y6 and 2 quads. They aren't the only motors I have, but by far my favorite. 

I find the 515 to be most versatile motor on the market. Lots of power, quiet and yet efficient. 200+ hours between maintenance as well.…"
Sep 21, 2016
DG commented on Ivan Tolchinsky's blog post Atlas ERIDA
"It's a Tri, and that's cool in itself."
Sep 3, 2016
DG left a comment on Michigan Quadcopter Pilots
  Still interested in a meetup?"
Jun 25, 2016
DG commented on LightWare - Laser Developer's blog post The SF11/C laser altimeter - awesome performance for $249
"I'm interested in installing this on on of my copters, but haven't followed it for quite some time. What is required to make it work with PIxhawk, and I wonder if AC 3.4 supports Lidar for terrain following and RTL.
Jun 23, 2016
DG commented on lee winterson's blog post Xiaomi MI Drone - The $456.00 4K Camera drone
"One thing that is never addressed in these new low priced drones is the quality of the components."
Jun 5, 2016
DG replied to Jacob Heller's discussion Huge wobble when yawing and hard throttle up
  Did you do some changes in RC 3.4 for Auto Tune? I installed 3.4 rc1 and redid the AT. This is a Alien H680 similar to the discussion.
It flies so much better I don't hate this frame now. In Position Hold, at say 12 m/s speed, I let go of…"
May 31, 2016
DG replied to Pravin Prajapati's discussion Ardupilot Crash - Help needed
May 31, 2016
DG commented on AKRCGUY's blog post Is our Hobby Doomed?
"Dave Pitman posted the above video at RCG.
According to one individual, it is not likely DJI unlocked anything in order for Casey to fly where he does.
May 29, 2016
DG replied to Artem Kholodkov's discussion 3DR Telemetry Issue - Timeout 5-10 sec and than very very slow connection with Pixhawk. in PIXHAWK
"I can't get the telemetry to work outside of 10-50 ft. with 5 different radios. In the past I could go out an easy 1300+ ft with still well over 50% signal strength. 

This is on 4 different copters. I don't if I have a setting wrong or the radios…"
May 28, 2016