Accelerometer errors in Tower

but not in Mission Planner.

'Inconsistent Accelerometer'


'Accelerometer error'

What I did do was save parameters, then swapped props and ran Auto Tune. I then switched back to the other props and loaded the saved parameters. Ever since then Tower throws out these Accel errors.

The only other thing changed was setting AGGR to .08.

The accels were recalibrated to no avail; the errors pop up every time.

This is on AC 3.3 rc8. I'm thinking about reinstalling AC 3.3 rc8 and start from scratch. Considering I had the first flyaway ever a number of weeks back after 200+ successful missions, my confidence level is not real high of late, and part of it is due I think to the EKF experiments (necessary I know).  The Tower warnings is a mystery however.

P.S. This is my test quad

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  • Reloaded everything, problem gone.

This reply was deleted.