Hello everybody, need help with. I have pixhawk with kit 433mhz 3DR telemetry. After my attempts to change TX Power from 11(default) to max. 20. I have weird problem with connection. Now behavior is follow: timeout goes from 28 to around 20 sec and than connection established and parameters go, but very very slowly. To get all parameters from pixhawk takes around 3-4 minutes.

Now, when I try to connect (Load settings) in Initial Setup – Op.Hardware – 3DR Radio , I see settings only on left column, right stay empty.


What already try:

-Put default parameters to full parameter list.

-Flash one more AC 3.3.3

-at first flash to ArduRover then come back to AC 3.3.3 (get advice from another forum)

-formatting of memory card  

Maybe somebody faced with problem like this or maybe have any assumptions what I can try more. 

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  • Fortunately solution was pretty close.  Some how frequency max and min was changed for copter side transmitter.  I just try to connect pixhawk with usb and then download settings and all of a sudden it show me settings of receiver on copter in way I was able change it to the same as usb receiver has. And now it works as earlier.  I just didn't know that the option of setting of receiver through pixhawk exists.. :)  

  • I can't get the telemetry to work outside of 10-50 ft. with 5 different radios. In the past I could go out an easy 1300+ ft with still well over 50% signal strength. 

    This is on 4 different copters. I don't if I have a setting wrong or the radios are toast, but having several hundreds of hours logged for missions it's not like I'm a noob. However the memory isn't what it used to be so maybe I changed the settings at some point. 

    If some would post snapshots of their settings that would be great. 

  • 100KM

    I got this a LOT. On all aircraft, though I use 915 and 868mhz. Things you can try:

    • Check that the green light is solid on both sides - if it's not - don't even bother trying to connect
    • Remove and re-insert the radio in your laptop.
    • Restart the aircraft
    • Check for other interference - I'm assuming you're not using a 433 RC controller?
    • Check for a short between ground and live on all RF extension cables and the antennas themselves
    • Ensure you're air-side radio is not right next to other RF sources, like video transmitters.

    Good luck! I'm trying to move away from the Sik radio system because of this. Looking into Dragonlink for this.

    • Thanks, Hein du Plessis,

      During tests many times my units (to laptop and to Pixhawk) were re-inserted. Same with restarting of aircraft. There is no any extension cables between antennas and receiver or transmitter. There is no RF sources around.

      As I mentioned that was sudden effect, before it worked well during year, and than after crash I wanted use it and it worked as usually until I change TX power to 20, and now I even can't return 11 value to Pixhawk side.  Later I will check leds.


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