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New member here, I am in the process of assembling a 2014 3dr quadcopter, and if I use the included PM, PDB and the four individual ESC, wow what wiring nightmare to an already messy wiring of the existing modules and the pixhawk. So I thought I would use a 4 in 1 ESC. I contacted 3dr trying to purchase the one as used in the IRIS, with no luck. Is there an existing aftermarket 4 in 1 20A. ESC with BEC that is compatable with the Pixhawk? anyone tried any of the following ESC's with success?

1. EMAX 4 in 1 25A w/ubec ESC

2. HOBBYWING Skywalker Quattro 20A x 4 4-in-1 Speed Control for Quadcopters

3. HOBBYKING Q Brain 4 x 20A Brushless Quadcopter ESC 2-4S 3A SBEC

4. WITESPY '4 in 1' - B-20A Ice Blue series OPTO SimonK-(RapidESC)



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I know that SteadiDrone uses the Quattro with their Pixhawk QU4D. The Qbrain looks to be the same as the Quattro just rebranded.

You can purchase the IRIS ESC but it's $140, you have to contact them directly since it's not on their site. They have been good about responding to my emails and helped out a lot with a Pixhawk issue. I haven't had an issue ordering replacement parts that aren't on the site.

The Witespy doesn't have a BEC and that important to me so I wouldn't get that.

I have the Quattro in 2 quads but the one that is flying is a Naza. It is nice and clean. It flies ok but I think my issue is that I should using a 4S battery vs the 3S. Otherwise it works fine besides seeming underpowered due to the battery.

I use the hobbywing 25a 4-in-1, but with APM. Works just fine.

me too. I just finish a 18 min flight - almost cold (18° outisde)

Thanks for posting this!

I have a 3DR Y6B. Based on my experience with it, the frames are very sturdy so am considering on building a Quad using the 3DR Quad frame. I was thinking of going for X8, but the Quad X4 will likely be the choice, especially after looking at that Quattro. 

Out of curiosity, what motor/prop are you planning on using? I was looking at the T-Motor 2216-12 800kv. Pricey, but it sure has the specs. I am open for suggestions, but reliability and efficiency are most important. Oh and good flight times wouldn't hurt either. I already have 4 4s 6000 mah batteries, so that will be the power source. 

Also, those using the Quattro, what procedure did you follow to use with the Pixhawk and/or APM? Anything out of the ordinary?


More questions about the Quattro: what firmware is it based on? I notice the Witespy is SimonK. Also, is heat an issue with these 4-in-1 ESC's?

I have a OctoQuad using two Skywalker Quattro 25A x 4 ESCs. CHeck out my test flight using them at http://diydrones.com/video/x8-test-flight-06-30-2104.

Ran it for 12 minutes and really saw no real heating issues with the ESCs.

That's good to know. I'm mainly interested in eliminating the spaghetti wiring mess experience with the Y6 and multiple ESC's, plus the price at <$50 is right. I can start with an X4 and move up to X8 if desired by simply adding a 2nd Quattro. Nice.

Did you do any programming or tuning on the Quattro? Checking around it appears to be as good as SimonK for MC, some say better.

Would you mind posting your parts list and frame size? Batteries? Flight time? The wide variance in what people choose for motor/prop combos is interesting. 


Can you tell me the weight of your quad and and what battery/motor /prop you are using.

I barely manage 7 minutes with 5000mah 35C 3S Haiyin Lipo running 10x45 Gemfan props in these motors. My setup weighs about 2.2kg.

DG, I too am running the 25 amp HobbyWing, driving 4 KDE 2814XF 515KV motors with 13X5 carbon T-Motor props at 4S. It works fine, out of the box.

Yes, the "wide variance" in motor/prop combos is interesting. All the intense attention to FC's such as APM/Pixhawk is somewhat putting the cart before the horse. Props, motors and ESCs are largely migrated R/C airplane/heli bits, which are often not optimal for multirotor application and about which little hard performance data is available. Compounding this is the need to buy four (or more) of everything to try anything out.

Also, copying whatever this or that "turnkey" commercial system employs is a crap shoot. Most, if not all, of their makers are pulling specs out of low dark places.

Thanks Chim.

What frame are you using?  AUW? Flight times? Any pics?

Currently I have a 3DR Y6B out of commission at the moment, still trying to figure it out (may give it a go today), but was going to build a Quad X4 or X8 anyway.

I'm trying to find out what the weight of the 3DR Quad frame kit is. I'd like to keep the weight down but not sure about going the CF route just yet. For $50 IMO the 3DR Quad is a good deal and decent design; it's very strong.

KDE looks to be high quality motors. 

The Witespy 4-in-1 ESC does in fact have a BEC. I have it powering my Naze32, receiver and GPS. Not sure if it will drive servos, though. Might only do ~0.5A like the Afro ESCs. 

The site says that it doesn't but that probably just means that it isn't a full powered BEC.  The 3DR power module is the same way, powers the main stuff but not for servos, etc.

I need 2A so I made sure that the Quattro said that specifically, I think its good for 3A.

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