A Senate bill to reauthorize the FAA contains provisions related to the manufacture of drones that could apply to home-built drones, as well as those produced by large consumer manufacturers. The bill in question, titled the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act of 2016, contains provisions that would have a significant impact on technology innovation by all manufacturers of small drones. With no size or weight threshold, the bill, if adopted, would add new and burdensome manufacturing, testing and approval restrictions to even the tiniest drones.  And, most disturbing, these restrictions could apply to hobby-built remote controlled aircraft or student-built drones, effectively prohibiting them from operating outdoors. The legislation could also retroactively ground already-built models that didn’t meet the manufacturing standards called for by the proposed legislation.


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  • This sounds like the old type-certification thing from the FARs. We don't want this, but we should demand certain standards in software safety before a quad is released into the market.FAA is missing SW safety but NASA-Ames has their eye on this ball.
  • @Ted Exactly! aka big business and politics as usual.
  • What's next?  There appears to be a fabricated story yesterday about a near fatal accident between a drone and an airplane.  The FAA is considering this a real drone incident, even though there is no evidence there was actually something in the sky.. Right at the time they're trying to pass more restrictive laws. 

  • I wonder what's next? Which channel they will route the media to make general public support this nonsense? A kid built a drone in a basement and it flew-away, crashed over NY City and hurt two people because his drone broke in the air? or an old built RC scale model without proper FAA built license had a structural failure over a innocent civilians? 1984 is getting closer and closer!
    Soviet Union may be dead but it looks like it was exported to the US and it is recovering fast.

  • Hi DG,

    I probably shouldn't have said anything interperable as partisan, I was apparently inviting trouble.

    However, reason seems to be missing from most human activity and it is most obvious and egregious in political and corporate circles, so my "obviously being born on the wrong planet" comment remains.

    I honestly believe we are, as a species, intent on bringing about our own extinction through our submission to emotions at the expense of reason.

    I do not think we have far to go now.

    Best Regards,


  • Where is AMA on this?????
  • @Marc Dornan

    Like they say; don't throw stones while living in a glass house. If someone hurls a rock, they will get two larger ones in return. Sorry, I don't sit back and take political hack comments, as "non-partisan" as they pretend to be.

  • You can arrest me if you like. My 3D printer and I will keep going.

  • @Shawn 

    Public safety is not a concern when it makes money. As they say $$$ make the world turn round.

    See smoking (480,000 dead a year), alcohol (80,000 dead a year), cars (32,000 dead 2.2mill injured) and legalized drugs etc, but hobby grade drones zip.

    Regulatory certification is typically another name for monopolization. 

  • T3
    It's a handout to big manufacturers. Boo....
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