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  • Nice to see my idea from 2012 is produced :)

  • The props/fans look to be VP, but I doubt that. They also look very dinky and very innefficient. I like the planform though, does it actually exist as anything other than a rendering? Thats kind of the acid test....

  • Fun to see that someone made something out of my 3 year old idea at DIYDRONES :)

  • Very nice

  • I really like how they cover the ports for the front motors after it transitions to fixed wing flight. 

    I wonder what the Cost will be and flight time.

  • I agree, CG could bring some trouble getting it right but, I doubt nose crash will be prettier when batteries on the back would smash all the equipment in front of them.

    One can always use battery compartments in the leading edge of the wing to compensate.

  • Having a 4 rotor config and keep two them at back, shifts the CG significantly aft. I worked on such project, and it was a problem indeed. No wonder, they have kept the batteries at the nose. It won't be pretty when it crashes against the nose. 

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