Berkeley, California

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Aeromechanical Design Engineer focused on low cost, delivery capable air-frames with a 200+ km range. I've also developed a few of my own surveillance platforms thus far, with focus on VTOL technologies and rapid deployment systems. PM me, I love discussing aircraft design and applications.

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Greenwich, Connecticut

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Julian commented on Andrew Murphy's blog post Local Motors Airbus Cargo Drone-1st Test Flight
"LOL what a POS. Didn't even have to be downwind of it to smell it."
Nov 3, 2016
Julian commented on Julian's blog post 3DR's Rise and Fall
"Most of my thoughts have already been voiced:
I think that had VC founding not pressured 3DR to "scale", the company's time could have instead been spent on developing more advanced diy drone solutions. More open source stuff that is also incredibly…"
Oct 5, 2016
Julian posted a blog post
Tough Market“We exited hardware and we exited consumer partly because it was a tough market,” he said. “DJI is an amazing company and lots of people got pounded.“It was just brutal.”"We’re a Silicon Valley company and we’re supposed to be doing…
Oct 5, 2016
Julian commented on Tiaan Roux's blog post ALTI Transition 6 hour VTOL cargo lifter
"Looks unattainably pricey."
Jun 10, 2016
Julian commented on Yang Wang's blog post Professional carbon fiber frame
"Why so boxy? If youre molding it you may as well loft all those things and increase the internal area while youre at it, no?"
Nov 25, 2015
Julian commented on Bernie Hoffman's blog post New Heavy Lift Prototype from Autonomous Avionics
"How are you guys handle vibration to the payload? looks like the toad in the hole is just hard mounted to the bottom of the frame?"
Nov 6, 2015
Julian commented on Greg Dronsky's blog post GoPro’s Unreleased Drone Already Shoots Great Video
"unimpressive, lets see some rapid acceleration. "
Oct 29, 2015
Julian commented on Jaeyoung Lim's blog post Non-planar quadrotor layout flight test!
"any interesting yaw tendencies? otherwise, way to think outside the X!"
Oct 21, 2015
Julian commented on Doug Hunsaker's blog post MachUp 2 with Aero Suite
"seems pretty similar to xflr5, except it can cost up to 6k a year. what, seriously?!
besides the slicker UI, and the integration with matlab at the higher priced bracket, what are the differentiating factors? Looks like your 3d results are still…"
Aug 5, 2015
Julian commented on Karl Mahoney's blog post Kickstarter Campaign for the Kahone 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro Hero 3 & 4
"^ Most definitely is. there goes stabilization when pointed straight down :( "
Jul 22, 2015
Julian commented on Chris Anderson's blog post This is what happens when you show 14-year-old boys how to skywrite with a drone
"too good!"
Mar 4, 2015
Julian commented on Sylvain's blog post Recents works
"these are beautiful."
Feb 8, 2015
Julian commented on Little Smart Things's blog post Cumulus One goes to sea
"beautiful aircraft, guys. congratulations "
Jan 15, 2015
Julian commented on Exmaps's blog post Exmaps: Online Flight Logbook for Ardupilot Update #3
"any obvious advantages over droneshare?"
Nov 24, 2014
Julian commented on Applied Aeronautics's blog post Applied Aeronautics - Albatross Design Contest
"Do you guys have a three view drawing of the plane without shading and background? Perhaps in illustrator or dxf? Would really help make this easier for the competitors, also make judging designs easier. "
Oct 20, 2014
Julian commented on Jeff G's blog post New Subject Follower System for APM systems
"for some reason this feels like its still in a "vaporware" stage :(
No answers are provided for any of the many questions that plague any system like this. What device is doing the image processing? what is transmitting and receiving the video…"
Apr 30, 2014