Exmaps: Online Flight Logbook for Ardupilot Update #3


More updates!


1) Ability to input and save notes at the Loglist page and Log page

You can now make notes about change in parameters, upgrades, batteries etc. 

2) Facebook, Twitter sharing integrated in Loglist page. (blue slider bar) 

Posts to Facebook and Twitter will include a static image of the map with flight lines and automatically formatted text about the flight

3) Relative height


Mouse over Altitude graph now provides relative height to take off height. 

Bug Fixes

- Mode for Tlogs 

Try out the drone logbook service for free at www.exmaps.com and let us know your thoughts at hello@exmaps.com

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  • Great question. There are no 1 big advantage over droneshare but many minor differences. Whether that adds up to anything significant is completely up to the user. For 1, there's at least a choice of service. 

  • 3D Robotics

    any obvious advantages over droneshare?

  • There are 2 things we hope to achieve here:

    1) We want people to stop treating drones like toys. That means proper records for maintenance just like how your car has an odometer and based on that you send it for testing/servicing

    2) We want pilots to log their own progress, track improvements etc 

    It is actually sad to hear so many people asking us to work on crash analysis, that means for whatever reason, current drones are still not very reliable. But right now we think the PC mission planner does a good job on that and we probably in the short run will not be implementing that function. 

  • I like the concept. Very user friendly.

    The only issue I have is... What will this data (if any) be used for?

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