New Subject Follower System for APM systems


It looks like these guys are on the verge of a great new product, which is compatible with ArduCopter-based vehicles such as the PocketDrone and the 3DR platforms such as Iris. My guess is they are using image processing to track the subject and then command the multi-copter to follow. I wonder how long till they hit the market? Any ideas on how they get this to work on multiple platforms? Very impressive!


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  • Steven,

    For an optical system, I think the ability to track a subject left/right and up/down isn't as tough as recognizing if subject's distance changes. I am becoming more of a skeptic of their claims. 


  • What i find strange, i had a ptz converance camera from sony +14 years ago and it already was able to track me in a room of people. It was all done in the camera, so i do not really grasp why things are not far more advanced now.

  • Actually over a year ago, one of our Russian members demonstrated a video of his system that was really very good at recognizing and tracking people.

    Haven't heard anything since though, Hmm - wonder why?

    Realistically, given the recent Kickstarter color tracking project, this guy in a red coat on a snow covered background might be fairly easy to track of course they didn't mention that part.

  • That's word by word identical to the posts at and RCG... Smells even more fishy to me now.

  • Here is the link to the previous related blog post, as listed with other related links here.

  • This simply looks like the follow-me function with the framing of the shot being controlled by setting the distance the copter is from you through their app. At least that's what I make of it from looking through their website.

  • There was a blog post about these guys just a few weeks ago.

    @Jack: Great concept, great promotional material, no product.  Ripe for a buyout? ;)

  • They are spamming several RC forums with their announcements recently. I deleted some of their stuff from the support forums...

    If they are legit, why the forum spamming?

  • Moderator

    In our test is not possible to use standard technology available on the market for doing an advanced follow system for a lot of complex technical and safety reason .... We start to work at the project  2 years ago to test this kind of technology and evolve our vision and technology untill now ... :)

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