GoPro’s been working on this camera thing for a while now, so you’d expect anything it makes to capture great footage. This video is still impressive. GoPro’s launching a drone in the first half of next year, and released a two-minute video captured with a prototype. “The footage has not been stabilized in post-production,” the video says, and if that’s true GoPro’s got a winner on its hands.

The color and dynamic range aren’t the point—the footage is shot on the Hero 4, which you can already buy. What’s amazing is the perfect, almost dolly-like stability of the shots of an idyllic farm and a journey through the forest. The sleepy guitar music, though, has nothing to do with the drone. It’s just nice.


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  • stuff is a lot better and I for one cant stand gopro. they have done that video on the calmest of days. Get a proper drone get a Vulcan!

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  • +1 Victor!

  • Video is decent but nothing unique. I want to see if they can make a compact and rugged quadcopter frame, that's what I expect from a GoPro brand vehicle.

  • Great comment Victor. A pro GoPro with the manual control and interchangeable lenses would be big. AND a small GoPro like their new square one with software stabilization. Keep themselves the undisputed champions of compact video cameras that can be used almost anywhere, and let others build the aerial delivery platforms. Stick to what you do best!
  • Late to the market - wouldn't gopro have been so much better concentrating on what they do best - small action cameras - 

    But they are off on this wild drone chase......

    When in my opinion they should have been giving us pro variants of their action cameras...

    Things Like:

    Full Manual control of exposure and iso - surely not such a big ask

    A model with interchangeable lenses - surely not such a big ask

    Image stabilisation - whether it be a really compact integrated gimbal unlike what is out there right now or advanced internal stab like parrot have accomplished - or a combination of both.

    Xiaomi got way too close with its excellent Yi model - and now they have a problem - a big problem......

  • I'm with Gary. Meh.
  • I'd much prefer to see GoPro spend their time on coming up with a decent lens suitable for aerial shooting rather than another quadcopter. 

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  • Also notice that in every shot it's dead calm - no wind it seems of any kind.

  • some competition for 3dr on the us market is ok :-)

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